Five Things Friday

It's been quite some time since I've done one of these.

1. The mornings around here are really starting to feel like fall. Early morning runs or dog walks require a long sleeve and I'm starting to lean toward my fall wardrobe slowly but surely.

I really loved this spread last week from the LOFT with several fun fall combinations. It kind of reminds me of a capsule wardrobe. My favorite looks are the cream pants with camel sweater and the short skirt with sweater and jean jacket. I always like the way short booties look on others, but am not sure I could pull them off.

But scarves? Scarves I can do.

Thank goodness for scarf season.

2. I finally cooked beets for the first time. For whatever reason (the color or the texture?), I've always been a little freaked out by beets, but have recently had a few bites of them in potluck salads. Well, this week our CSA included a few beets, so I followed the farm's recipe and roasted them with a little olive oil, sea salt, paprika, cumin and chile powder.

3. Speed work is hard. I've missed a few weeks of the Thursday night speed group and boy does it show! Last night's workout included some challenging mile-pace repeats: 6 x 400, 6 x 300, 6 x 200m. The 400s were definitely the hardest. And on that note, I should probably foam roll...

4. Fall term starts in just over a week and I'm already terrified for the difficulty of Organic Chemistry. The instructor required us to purchase about five different things between the book, a modeling set, a lab instruction manual, lab workbook, and a study guide.

5. I am super excited for a girls trip to San Francisco next weekend with blogger friends Amber, Leigh, Lisa and Kyria. Exploring a city I love + catching up with good friends + running a half marathon = close to perfection.

What food has always freaked you out just a little bit? Are there any pieces you're planning to add to your wardrobe this fall?


Leigh said…
I want to go shopping so badly but then remember how hard it is to find cute stuff that fits my belly and boobs now! Haha. Oh well, next fall for sure. And looking forward to seeing you! Happy Friday :)
I like booties on other people but do not feel like I am nearly cool/hip enough to pull them off! I am very very conservative with my shoe choices (except I do like colored shoes like red one) so I don't think I'll ever take the plunge on them but they are fun to look at!

A food that intimidates me is artichokes! And I LOVE beets but rarely buy them - I should this fall as they are so good roasted. And something I am hoping to add to my fall wardrobe is brown boots as I had to return the ones I got last year due to an issue with a screw in the heel. I looked at some Frye's today but couldn't take the plunge. It's snowy/wet here for so long, I fear they would get damaged and I'd regret spending the money. :/
Amber said…
By booties do you mean ankle boots?? Take the plunge! I bought two pairs last winter and I'm obsessed with wearing them in the winter with tights and also jeans! They look cute with jeans rolled up so you can see just a bit of ankle skin too :)

See you in ONE WEEK!
Stefanie said…
I hope you guys enjoyed the beets. I love them! We've been growing them in our garden the past couple summers, and it's made me have to think of more ways to use them. My favorite way to have beets is cooked(either roasted or boiled) and tossed into salads. However, beets are pretty good raw too. This summer I've been shredding raw beets onto salads since cooking takes so much time. Just cut off the top and bottom portion and peel before shredding.

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