Sunshine Award

It's been a while since I've done one of these Q/A posts, but they're always fun to read about other people. Teri of A Foodie Stays Fit nominated me in her post, so here goes. 

1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog. 
2. Link to the person who nominated you. 
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself. 
4. Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award and ask them 10 questions.
Teri's questions...
1. What’s your favorite holiday and why? 
I love Christmas and everything that surrounds it: bundling up, picking out a tree, decorating, looking at Christmas lights in other neighborhoods, seeing friends and family. Not such a big fan of the buying/receiving millions of gifts part of it. And lately I'm falling more in love with the entire season of fall, although I know that's not a holiday. The changing leaves and pumpkins just make me happy. 
2. If you could go any place in the world, where would it be? 
Greece or Cinque Terre, Italy
3. Are you an introvert or extrovert? What’s an trait you have that obviously proves it?
I am an ESFJ (extrovert sensing feeling judging) on the Myers-Briggs scale, but I'm just slightly an extrovert and definitely have introverted tendencies (i.e. love parties and people, but also need my down time). The proof is in the puddin', as in, if choosing between heading home to relax or meeting up with a group of friends I will nine times out of ten pick the people. 
4. What was the first-ever blog you read that wasn’t a close friend or family member?
Hm, I can't remember! I have been reading Kath Eats, Fitnessista, Girl with the Red Hair, and Dietitian on the Run for quite a while. But my feed reader is full of blends (blog friends) I've been reading for quite a while. 
5. Why do you keep blogging?
Ultimately, I enjoy the outlet as a place to share my thoughts/feelings and connect with friends and like minded readers. I hope that one day I can turn my writing into something more professional, although I imagine I'll continue blogging.
6. What are you looking forward to during the rest of 2013?
I'm looking forward to meeting our new niece Vivienne (8 weeks old!) in Chicago, running the hell out of the Chicago Marathon (hopefully BQing), reuniting with a few blog friends there, and completing Anatomy & Physiology II (because I can already tell it's going to be a beast). 
7. What is a goal you are working on right now?
I'm working on Boston Qualifying, although I'm not waging my happiness upon it. And more importantly, working on finishing my pre-requisites in order to start a registered dietitian program. 
8. Do you believe in fate?
Er, sometimes? I believe that the universe and peoples' lives go in waves or circles and sometimes your circles pass with another person or opportunity at the right time. So I guess I believe that the universe and your intentions have designed something to happen. 
9. If you had unlimited money, how would you fill your time? 
Doesn't that sound fabulous? If I had unlimited money, I would travel more, enroll in yoga teacher training, buy a camera and enroll in photography classes, purchase a few more pair of boots and jeans, go hiking in the Himalayas, lay on a beach in Hawaii or Mexico at least once a year, visit far away friends, and take a ski trip to Aspen, Vail, Jackson Hole, etc. Oh and be a stay at home mom. 
10. What’s your favorite TV show? 
We don't get a ton of channels because we cancelled cable about a year ago, but the Big Bang Theory makes me laugh a lot and Grey's Anatomy sucks me in every time. 

Tag, you're it! If you're reading this, you can either play along and answer the same questions on your blog, or pick one and answer it here. 


Leigh said…
Cinque Terre is so worth the trip! I would say that I am an introvert. I can be shy until I get to know the person
I love Christmas too. There is just something about all the decorations and the atmosphere that surrounds it. It never gets old!

I would definitely travel more too if I had unlimited money. That would be so nice!
Amber said…
Yours is definitely one of the earliest blogs I ever read. I remember reading it and being like "damn this girl runs a lot! I would love to do that one day!" so you were definitely one of my early running inspirations. And now I get to meet up with you in just a few short sleeps for marathon #3 for me and our third race meeting up with each other - who woulda thought?! Can't wait to see you super soon :)

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