Wishy Washy, Table for One?

Hey there! The week is flying by - still busy and trying to keep my nose above water.

Today I had an incident of indecisiveness, which happens fairly frequently in my world. Probably about 50% of the time I doubt a decision I've made if it's not related to fitness or nutrition (two things I feel pretty confident in what I want).

One moment I'm set on going to girls night, the next I'm too stressed to go. And then just minutes later I think "Seriously, I'm an idiot. I need to see the girls. Why can't I make a decision to save my life?"
Decision: Girls night attended and much enjoyed

One day I think we have to go on a sunny vacation because we deserve it and have been talking about it for the last year. And the next day, I've convinced myself we don't deserve to flitter money away like that. We should be saving it for important things like a down payment on a car.
Decision: Vacation planned and excited for it

One month I'm sure that I know what my future holds career wise. The next, I think "WHAT in the world was I meant to do for a living?" 
Current though: Stop being afraid

After wavering on a decision, I find myself really frustrated that I'm unable to just make a decision and be happy with it. It's kind of painful. My perfectionist nature wants to always make the right decision and as we all know, there is no "right" or perfect decision.

In the journey of being my authentic self in 2012, I need to cut myself some slack and be okay with a decision I've made. That being said, I'm allowed to change my mind, but there's no reason to get so worked up about it.

Does anyone have a trick to making decisions or how you decide between two things when you find yourself wavering back and forth? 


liz said…
Oh I wish I could offer advice but I'm going to have to keep checking for what others say because I am the worst at making decisions! I bet one thing that will help is reflecting like you just did!

p.s. did you guys get snow?
"Vacation planned and excited for it" out of ALL the things I've learned in the past year, one of the most important things is to "splurge" on the things that really matter to YOU. We had so much fun in Hawaii, even though it was hard to swing it with the moving costs. Looking back, there's nothing I would've rather spent those extra dollars on. :)

My 'trick' for decision making - I usually approach things with a "Why Not?" attitude, or I think "Life is too Short" to skip out on this or that, thinking that other things are supposed to be more important.

2012 - make it happen! ;)
I for one am really glad you spent the money on a vacation. You guys work hard and deserve this get away. yes, there are other ways to use the money, but vacations are important for the soul!

Some things i waver back and forth on, and then i am decisive in other ways. In general, I make big life decisions very decisively - like buying a condo, moving downtown, going to grad school. But then small decisions, like what color to paint a wall in my condo? Can't make that decision for the life of me!!

But I, too, go back and analyze every decision and I need to be better at just letting it go!
Raquelita said…
Like Lisa, I tend to be pretty decisive about major kinds of things - moving to Madrid, which apartment to live in, selling my car, getting married at a courthouse instead of an expensive venue. However, I tend to be more indecisive about smaller kinds of things - where to go for dinner on a night out, which kind of oatmeal to buy....

Vacations are definitely something to get excited about!
I'm actually not an indecisive person unless it's over something small that I don't care too much about (should we go to dinner or eat at home?). My sister in law, however, struggles to make decisions - she relies heavily on the pros and cons list!
missris said…
I can get really indecisive and completely caught up in making pros and cons lists, doing research, asking everyone I know their opinion, etc. Sometimes I hold off on making a decision because I know the process I put myself through is going to be exhausting! I think it's just that sometimes I'm so afraid of making the wrong decision that I don't make one at all. That said I'm really glad you guys decided to go on vacation. My vacation decisions have been some of the best I've ever made!
Emily said…
I am SO indecisive with social situations aka going out to things. I am super busy and feel like I have a never ending list of 'shoulds' but it gets really complicated because 'being social' is also on the 'should' list. Sometimes I wonder what people could think if they could hear the convos in my head. What works for me is if I give myself a window of time to be indecisive and then I force myself to make a commitment.
I find that things like girls night and vacations are things that we stress about (too tired, too busy, not enough money) but that we NEVER regret doing! Almost like a workout :)

I will often try to convince myself I'm too tired after a long day to go to social functions but then I go and have the BEST time so I just try to remember that when I'm wavering.

OH, and I'm usually pretty indecisive on things too!
Lindsey said…
I wish I had a trick to share with you, but I'm so indecisive as well. I'm sure you will be happy about your sunny vacation decision!
Morgan said…
Can I join you at your wishy-washy table? I am so guilty of this, I just have a hard time justifying certain things even though I know it's ok. I like the idea of just cutting yourself some slack, maybe if we didn't give ourselves such a hard time over everything it wouldn't be so hard to make these decisions to begin with?

In other news, I've tagged you on my post today if you're up for it. :)
siri said…

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