What's up Wednesday

Wow, these weeks are just flying by. Amazing how fast they go when you're busy!

Tuesday is officially my easy or active recovery day. It's been that way for a while, but often I found myself push push pushing even on Tuesdays.

Well, part of my fitness goals for 2012 is to take Tuesdays significantly easier, not just say I will and then do the opposite.

So far, so good - Monday was NO running with some time at the gym, cross training and weight lifting and walking with a friend at lunch. Tuesday was an easy three mile run before work and then hot yoga after.

Hardest sequence in yoga last night - warrior III to airplane arms warrior III to half moon to single leg standing splits and back to warrior III. Talk about a hamstring strengthener!

Okay, now on to dinners. I would love to be one of those people who roughly plans out my meals for the week on Sunday and then buys all the groceries for said meals. I'm not sure it will ever totally happen, but for now I want to get better at it.

Last week, I made a few lame dinners because I had no clue what I was going to make before grabbing stuff out of the fridge (one of them was a total disaster).

We haven't been eating anything fancy this week, but I feel a bit more sane knowing what we're going to eat each night. This week: Sunday - Mama Peas' tamale bean pie (great for lunch or dinner leftovers), Monday - angel hair pasta with vegetables, marinara and sliced italian chicken sausage (Trader Joe's), Tuesday - black bean, pepper and onion nachos on Trader Joe's flax seed vegetable chips.

It's funny how just having a plan in mind makes me so much more at ease. In planning out our dinners ahead of time, my hope is that I start using more of my cookbooks and don't make the same thing over and over again. 

However, spaghetti is something I could eat a few times a week and probably not get sick of it - cheap, easy and healthy (especially when you pack in the veggies).

I wanted to show you guys probably the most adorable Christmas gift we received. My cousin and his wife picked out these mini kitchen goodies for us. And best of all, the baby colander matches my big one!

What do we have here? A mini grater (have already used it to zest lemon), measuring spoons that snap into each other, pot holder thingy and an expandable funnel. I've just kept it on the stove (when it's not on) because it's just so darn cute with all its little things inside.

How's that for a random what's up Wednesday post? Yoga, dinner and mini kitchen supplies.

On another note - we're trying to decide on a sunny vacation for March or April (crazy how quick that will be here). It's tough though with prices of airfare and my desire to head to some serious sun. We're pondering some places in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and dabbling with the idea of somewhere in Arizona where we could be in the sun and do outdoor activities.

Does anyone have a great sunny destination recommendation? Do you plan your dinners ahead of time? 


missris said…
I plan my dinners ahead of time, but it's taken me years to actually get to that point. I usually plan 3-4 things on Sunday and then make a list and head to the store. That, plus leftover nights and then always having a few things on hand (frozen potstickers, frozen tortellini, makings for spaghetti) means that most nights we can at least manage to throw something together. I went to Puerto Vallarta for spring break a few years ago and while it was beautiful, it felt very resort-y and family-oriented. Not sure what you're looking for though so that might fit your style!
Mexico! Oaxaca. It's beautiful and so much fun. And not overrun by tourists.
We do warrior III to eagle and back to warrior III or toppling tree sometimes in class and it is BRUTAL on my leg. Those one leg balancing poses really get to me but I've heard they are awesome for runners!

Those little kitchen utensils are too cute!!!
Raina said…
Sometimes my dinners are planned a month in advance..makes shopping easier (and feeding 4 guys).

I am not a yoga girl, but something made me try that pose in the first picture recently. My glutes were sore for 3 days, so it's probably something I should do more often! :)
Arizona is fun. I've been there a couple of times. My next stop is Sedona http://www.visitsedona.com/ for more than a few hours.
J said…
I am always on the look out for new recipes...usually I get some from blogs and some have turned out well and some have not. I like experimenting in the kitchen and I usually plan out all my meals over the weekend, makes me feel better to know what we are having each night and when we will have leftovers for lunches!
That is some cuteness right there. Miniature everything is cute!
Aw, what a fun gift! I love kitchen gadgets!

I have started to think more about meal planners! Mostly because I got this paris meal planner that has magnets so you can hang it on the fridge. My midweek meals are BORING, though. Things like a baked potato, or a tuna sandwich and soup. I made big meals on the weekend that serve at lunches during the week as I love eating leftovers. I can get away with this because I am single. I do not think any guy would think that what I eat on evenings during the week is a meal! ;)

I'm no help on warm destinations as I've never really done a relaxing beach vacation! I did go to the DR in 2006, but that was to visit a friend who was in the peace corp, so that was a different kind of trip!
Krista - Sedona is so beautiful! I was there once in late Feb for a conference and it was actually quite cold and snowing at the top, but the town was so beautiful and romantic feeling. I definitely want to go back.

Raina - a month in advance! That is so impressive. I don't think I'll ever get there. :)

Lisa - it's true, I think most guys like a little more "meal" type foods for dinner and hefty portions. Although, often times the manfriend is very flexible and doesn't really care what we have as long as it's good. I was thinking of you the other day and feel like I need to buy sweet potatoes more often and buy some staples that can help in a pinch.
Raquelita said…
Costa Rica, maybe. But I am really wanting to go there these days. I'll be heading to San Antonio in March for spring break but mainly to meet my new niece.
Yeowch! Hello, hamstrings. Ha, those one-legged balance sequences are always so much harder than you'd think...

The Tamale Bean thing sounds so good! Must make that soon.
Ooh, p.s., if you're thinking "cheaper" I'd definitely recommend Southern Cali or Arizona (somewhere scenic, though...not Phoenix, ha). Too bad tickets to Hawaii are so $$, otherwise I'd recommend that 10x. ;)

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