Weekend Word Association

It was a busy, but fulfilling weekend with lots of fun outings, exercise, intense Criminal Minds shows, Moneyball, etc. I took several photos so I thought I'd do a little photo: word association post. Hope you had a fabulous one! 

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns - fun!

Besaw's - mmm...

Guilty pleasure songs at Sam Bond's Garage (bar) - unexpected surprises

Sunrise - gooood morning

Trail run - not all trail, but stronger than expected

Jiffy Pop - childhood

Popcorn + peanut butter m & m's - you've got to try it

How was your weekend?


Raina said…
Ah! This looks like a FUN game :) The jiffy pop cracks me up. We got an air popper recently, but i have been burning MANY a popcorn on the stove prior to that.

Also- great job on the long run!
The MnMs are making me drool.
Raquelita said…
It looks like you had a great weekend!
Yum. I love the salty/sweet combo of popcorn & m&ms! I haven't done that in ages. I am doing a girls night next weekend to celebrate my bday and we are watching movies, so I will have to bring that along for my treat!

My weekend was good. I started to feel alot better on Friday, so that is good. I got a ton of studying done (11+ hours) so feel more on top of studying, which is good as I felt stressed after taking a week off for my surgery!
I also love popcorn + m&m's! That's what I have whenever we go to the movie. The salty sweet combo is the best!!

You guys did have a busy weekend! Ours was super laidback and kind of lazy but I enjoyed it ;)
jen said…
Someone introduced me to the peanut m&m's + popcorn a few years ago, and movies have never been the same. It's the main reason I even go to movies! I've never done it at home. Maybe I should.

Great trail run. Great everything!

LOVE Besaw's. I've only been there for brunch though. Sometime you are in Porland and have extra time, let's get together! :)
Looks like a great weekend! You did really well on that trail run!
Ricole said…
Peanut butter m&ms are the best thing EVER invented! I will have to try them in popcorn!
Anonymous said…
Babysitting x 2 - gotta fund running and my current need for weekly soulcycle

I've had m and ms and popcorn but never with pb m and ms. I'll definitely have to try that!
Linz said…
What a beautiful sunrise. I'm contemplating trying to become a AM runner. Definitely NOT an AM runner right now.
My roommate during my internship had M&Ms + popcorn ALL the time. That is definitely a must-have combo :)
Nicole said…
That's a gorgeous sunrise photo!

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