Sunshine to Snow

The weekend went by fast, despite having two extra days off. Saturday, after our respective sweat sessions (cycling 40 miles for him and running 12 miles of trail for her), we drove to my grandparents' house on the Oregon Coast. 

It was fun to catch up with them, have two fabulous home cooked meals and play cards until my eyelids wouldn't stay open any longer. Oh and we enjoyed some of my grandma's rum cake (not too strong, but oh so light and fluffy). 

On the drive home, we experienced some rare snow in Oregon as we drove over the pass. Nothing that my little Corolla couldn't handle though with a Michigan born driver at the wheel!

Nice and sunny with a few flakes along the road...

Coming down a bit more steady now...

Okay, getting nervous. We passed a wreck coming the other direction. 

Hello, snow! The manfriend was pretty excited actually to see some legit snow in our region. 

And an hour or so later, back to blue skies and clear roads, just like normal.

We stopped by Trader Joe's when we got to town for grocery supplies. Dinner was straight out of the February Real Simple - Cauliflower Penne Puttanesca! Quick, easy and yum.

Did you do something fun on your day(s) off? On days off like today (MLK Day), I generally do extra sweating, hit up a coffee shop, read and do a few house chores.

On the running front: These long trail runs are kicking my butt. I'm really feeling it in my right side (the weaker glute/hammy). I swear, if people are looking for a toned rear, all you need to do is run or hike hills on a regular basis.

At the same time, I know this hilly trail work is not only advantageous for the Hagg Lake 25K, but will be great base and strength builder for the Eugene Marathon (even though it's flat). I just need to keep up the yoga and stretching, which I made time for this weekend.

We also got a light dusting of snow here in Eugene so it was fun to run with flakes falling on my face yesterday evening. Feels like a special treat when it comes only once or twice a year!

On a sunny note, we booked our vacation to Puerto Vallarta. I. can't. wait.


J said…
We got our first real snow fall this Friday and it was insane! Every one around seemed to forget how to drive in snow! Plus Saturdays run was tough in the slush. The funny thing is that even tho it was cold and snowy all weekend, by the end of today it was 40F! Crazy weather for sure! Glad you guys had a safe drive! And that Penne looks amazing!
Ah I didn't know you guys were booking a sunny vacay! How EXCITING! If anyone deserves it, it's you two! When are you going?

We got a TON of snow on Sunday so I guess winter is officially here. Tomorrow night will be my first run in the super freezing temps so I'm anxious to see how it goes!
I need a toned rear! Maybe I should hit some hills!
Leigh said…
We got some snow the other night and now it's been -25C (-39C) with the windchill since then...the cold is supposed to stay for the rest of the week too..YUCK!

When are you guys going to PV? So much fun! My husband loves PV so if you need any information on it, let me know :)
Emily said…
Ugh. Snow. Lots in Seattle.
Ricole said…
Isn't the snow so beautiful?! I did my second snowy run EVER today! Those coast roads can be super scary in normal conditions, so glad you got back safe!
missris said…
We got a bunch of snow in Pittsburgh this weekend so I did a run outside in the snow. All I could think about the whole time was I wished people were more diligent with clearing their walkways! When are you guys going to Puerto Vallarta? A warm vacation sounds like heaven right about now.
Anonymous said…
I totally blanked it was MLK day and booked at PT appt at 8 am (what was I thinking) and then went to the office and was like "where is everyone?!?"
The snow looks gorgeous!! D keeps hoping we'll get some here - I keep hoping the Springtime temps stick around ;) I know it will dump on us, eventually, but nothing like what we saw in the mountains last year!

Couldn't agree more about that hill/hike glute philosophy. We run a Lot of hills, and I could tell I've built up some strength when an 8 mile train run last weekend didn't phase the legs too much...

Vacation to Mexico?? Good stuff!
YEA!!! I am so glad you guys booked a vacation. You both REALLY deserve a fun, sunny getaway! SO happy for you.

I am glad manfriend was behind the wheel. Winter driving makes me nervous, even thought I grew up with snow. I still get uber nervous!

I spent my MLK weekend in Chicago with friends, as you know! :)
Haley said…
Those were some great shots!

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