One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I was freaking out over the scariest thing I'd ever experienced.

After a hard boot camp style workout (and possibly not enough food or sleep for the manfriend), we drove home and the manfriend said the sports talk radio sounded like a foreign language so he turned it off. When we got home he went to lay on the bedroom floor because his head was hurting so bad and he felt like he was going to throw up. I didn't think too much of it and wanted to get some food in him.

Then, as I made him get up for dinner, he started having memory and speech loss. The moment he asked me where he worked, I lost it. It even took him a moment to remember my name and Jonah Bell's (the dog) name!

I called my dad and every medical friend we know, googled stroke and quickly shuffled the manfriend into shoes and coat and out the front door.

Sobbing the entire drive there, just trying to keep him awake and trying to answer my questions to test his memory was just miserable. I missed a turn to the hospital and couldn't stop wondering if this stuff would ever come back to him.

Several hours later, we were seen by a slew of nurses, doctors, neurologists, etc. Cat scan, spinal tap, cardiogram, etc. he had it all done.

One doc asked him who I was and where he worked and it just game out like complete gibberish. Talk about terrifying.

After hours of concern, fear and waiting later, the doctors confirmed it was a severe migraine, which has the tendency to move around and effect different parts of the brain (speech, memory, etc).

The manfriend was released less than 24 hrs later. Just a few weeks later, newscaster Serene Branson had a very similar incident on air. It was such a relief to see it and hear other medical professionals examine her case on the news. Here is the video of her incident.

Since that day, he's been without a migraine. As I said before, you never know when something bad is going to happen. Tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and always trust your gut! No amount of money saving would have been worth waiting and wondering if he'd be okay.

Now is the time to be thankful for the ones we get to spend our time with, who make us laugh and who we wouldn't want to live without.
I'm thankful for our health and happiness this year.

I hope you're having a Healthy and Happy 2012!


B said…
Eek! That's super scary! I'm glad it wasn't anything really serious and that it hasn't happened again!
Leigh said…
That is super scary! So glad that manfriend was fine in the end. Definitely makes you think twice about life and how short it can be!
Jim McDannald said…
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Jim McDannald said…
Hard to believe that was a year ago. Times goes by fast. Glad you are both happy, healthy and ready for a great 2012.
So scary! I'm glad everything worked out okay, but I can't imagine how terrible that must have been.
Wow I can't believe it's been a year! It doesn't feel that long. And that video is nuts. I would have been SO scared if I were you so I don't blame you for bawling all the way to the hospital. That is just terrifying and so confusing. I'm so so glad manfriend was/is OK.
Aw, Sass! I can't even imagine driving someone you love to the hospital under that kind of circumstance. It's crazy that he hasn't had anything like that since (obviously a good thing!), and even crazier to think that something as simple/common as a "headache" can get to that state. Thanks for sharing what was clearly a personal experience and shock - who knows who this could happen to next.

Glad you guys are off to a healthier start this time around! :)
Raquelita said…
Yikes! I'm so glad that it was not a stroke and that he has been migraine-free since then!
J said…
I remember reading about that last year...super scary for sure. reminds us to be thankful for every day we are healthy and together.
I still remember reading your first post about this and getting chills and tearing up. What a scary thing to go through. I, too, would have been sobbing. I am glad there haven't been anymore migraines since. Eeks. Definitley a good reminder to appreciate the loved ones in our lives and make sure they know how much we appreciate them every day!
Jessica J said…
Wow! That is so scary! I get migraines so often, at least once a month, but I have NEVER had one like that. Hopefully he never gets one like that again!
Raina said…
I bet you were terrified! Those are also the signs of a stroke- not something you would expect in someone so young. I am glad you were with him to take care of him.
YES, hold the ones you love close!
Wow that really is just so very scary! I would've definitely been freaking out. Did he ever have a migraine before this? I'm glad to hear he hasn't had one since!

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