Ease Back to Leap Forward

Hello, weekend! Sorry for being a little MIA this week. It was a BUSY weekend, New Year and birthday and I feel like I'm still in a fog trying to catch up with 2012. Happy 3 year Anniversary, manfriend!

One of the things I'd like to focus on this year is taking it a bit easier on my workouts on cross training or active recovery days. I need to remember that taking a day off or easy will make me that much stronger for the next workout and my training overall will really benefit.

Instead, I like to ignore those ideas of rest and push right through. Luckily, I haven't been injured in a while, but that can change in an instant.

Knowing that I like to do a lot of sweating on the weekends, I decided to take it a bit easier today - 20 min strength session at home (circuit workout with weights and body weight exercises) and then a gym session at lunch.

I've really been wanting to get back to the pool, but it often doesn't seem like fun. Well, I was blazing away on the work projects today and finally had time to dash off to the gym. With 17 minutes 'til the pool closed, I hopped in and got my lap swim on. 

It's funny how having this short window in which I was able to swim made it seem like more fun whereas when I go in the middle of the open hours I think "Gah, how much longer do I have to swim laps for?!"

I followed the swim up with a 15 minute bike session and hustled back to work. Often when I try to fit in workouts at lunch, I realize my most productive work hours are 10 am to 2 pm so it's hard to break away from a project. However, on the days when I workout, I get a second wind around 3 pm or so.

When are your most productive work hours? What's your typical routine or feeling toward your easy/xtrain days? 

Enjoy your weekend! I need to bust my butt on some trails and hills this weekend because Hagg Lake is coming up miiighty quick. It would probably be a good idea to actually do some trail running before the race...


Leigh said…
Happy anniversary to you and manfriend! Are you doing anything special for it?

That's awesome that you squeezed in a workout in 17 minutes! Talk about getting the most for those minutes. I really like your swim suit too!
That's great that you are getting back into swimming! I used to swim at lunch too and I loved it; I felt so much better after lunch. I didn't get that 4 o'clock sleepy time! I remember being SOOO thirsty after swimming though!
Leigh - He sent me a dozen roses at work and then we went out to dessert on Wed (our anniversary). We might take a trip up to Seattle in the next month or so.

Kyria - yeah, I'd like to swim more often at lunch, but the whole washing and drying your hair thing kind of takes a long time so usually it's just a pre or post workout for me. But definitely a great workout and it's always fun to switch up your routine.
Nice job on the swimming. I haven't been swimming for far too long. I should try to get back into it but don't predict it happening during marathon training since all my other workouts keep me super busy as it is!

Glad you and manfriend had a great anniversary!
Lindsey said…
Happy anniversary to you guys! Great job getting back to the pool. It's so hard to get motivated to swim, but I always feel good after doing it.

Usually I'm most productive early in the morning at work. But lately I have found that if I drink coffee, I'm pretty productive at the end of the day.

I'm all about the easy days :) I think it's because I'm so afraid I will end up injured again.
Happy 3 years!! :) Hope you guys had a fun, celebratory weekend!
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary! I do work work best in the am. I run best mid morning (not realistic) or afternoon. I am a terrible early mornign runner and wish I wasn't.
Aw, I read through the comments and saw that manfriend sent you flowers at work. How sweet. :) What a guy!

I am most productive from 7-11, I would say. I eat at 11 and then it sort of goes downhill from there alot of the time. I really really crash at like 2-3!
Raquelita said…
Happy belated anniversary!

I am most productive in the mornings. The problem is that I like to write, run, and teach in the mornings and I really can't do all three so I have had to learn to use the time I have for those things even when it's not my optimal time of day.
Anonymous said…
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