Sunday in the Streets

This afternoon the manfriend and I headed to Sunday Streets, a fun event mimicked after events in cities all over the country. Basically, several miles of streets are closed off to cars so that bikes, pedestrians, roller skaters, etc. can enjoy the roads and their community for a few hours.

Near downtown Eugene and along the Willamette River, a 3 mile loop was closed to traffic from 12-4 PM. After the manfriend arrived home from a LONG drive back from Las Vegas for work, he needed a little nap.
And then we were off and cycling!
We met up with some friends and stopped at one of the stages along the route so that a few of them could try slack lining. There were also food vendors, hula hooping, music and other fun entertainment. 

Several people were even making the rounds on elliptigos! Have you ever seen one? They're actually pretty cool/space age looking.
We saw all kinds of bikes and some interesting outfits too. Don't ask me HOW he gets off this bike...
A sure sign that fall is on the way

The manfriend and his murse (man purse)
This makes a strong case for not drinking soda. Ironically, this sign was sitting at the stand for locally made ice cream that we bought. But I'll take fresh, tasty ice cream over soda ANY day. 
The whole group cruising along 5th Street!

Overall, the event was a lot of fun. There were a TON of volunteers out helping to keep the streets safe and a lot more people out enjoying the event than we expected. It was definitely a carefree way to spend a few hours of the last weekend of summer.

The manfriend was in the mood for some beer after our slow 3 mile spin in the sun. We stopped by Ninkasi Brewing, but unfortunately they were closing early.

 No beer for us. It's okay, we managed to find some at Steelhead, another local establishment with a nice outdoor patio where I had an orange wheat ale.

And just like that, another weekend has come and gone!

On the Marathon Training Front: My body is feeling pretty tired. I did an 8.5 mile run this morning and had to take a few walking breaks for my glute's sake. I need to stay on top of the fatigue and soreness these next three weeks and be smart about my training!

I picked up some more epsom salts and am planning to use it during a few baths. I was shocked to read how many benefits this powerful stuff contains - from flushing toxins from the body and easing muscle pains to lowering blood pressure and relieving stress.

But just like anything, I'm wary about believing everything I read (or see on tv), so you should be too. Hello, corn syrup ads telling us that high fructose corn syrup is JUST like regular sugar. Yeah. Right. 

Nighty night! Time to foam roll.


Haley said…
ha, the corn syrup ads are a great example of not believing everything you read/hear! Sunday Streets is such a great idea. We need this in our town!
Sounds like a fun day! Your couch looks so cozy, love the pic of Manfriend napping!

I have never used Epsom salts before. my mom has used them when my nephews have gotten sores or cuts on their feet, though, as I guess it aids in healing or something like that? It worked well when my nephew got poison ivy (poor kid) this summer!
Looks like an awesome day!! You and manfriend are so active, I love it!

Maybe get a sports massage in the next week or so? I'm getting one next Friday (so a week and a couple days before the race) and I can't wait! I find they really loosen my legs up and get me ready to RUN!
Such a fun end-of-summer(noooo, sad) thing to do! The beer sounds tasty, too. :)

Sports massage might be a great idea for the legs! And remembering that for now, they've got the endurance they need - the rest and TLC will be much better received ;)
Okay, you guys win - I'm getting a massage! OR, I win cuz it's going to feel pretty darn good. :)

And then I figure I deserve another one after I run this darn marathon. Whatever gets me through it...

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