Race Route Revised

Yesterday, I was getting all giddy looking at the trail map just thinking about the 31 miles I'll be running on Saturday. After MONTHS of training and thinking about running those 31 dirt, root and rock-filled miles, I'm ready to run this thing.

Until... we got a message from the race director that the 50K may be altered or cancelled thanks to a nearby wildfire that is 0% contained. Comforting, eh? Well, today we got the official word that the race WILL go on. But, the course will be altered.

What does this mean? My favorite section (where we run around Clear Lake) will be out.

This section of the McKenzie River Trail is closed so we'll be doing an out and back from Carmen Reservoir. Not ideal, but manageable. And I suppose this is better than running through clouds of smoke. ;)

All whining aside, I really do not envy the race directors. They are working their butts off to make this race happen for 200 or so runners. This is probably the last thing they thought they'd have to deal with just days 'til the race.

Have you ever had a race drastically altered or cancelled at the last minute? In the case that the race was cancelled, I was fully planning on gathering all the local Eugene 50Kers and making our own ultra come true along the trails here.

On a random note: I just bought tickets for my mom and I to see Miranda Lambert who will be coming to Eugene next month!

This song pulls at my heart strings every time.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday! Taper week is going surprisingly well for me. I've only run a total of 8 miles and am planning to do an easy 2-3 miler tonight.


Oh lame that your favourite part of the course was cut out but I'm glad they didn't cancel it! You've been training your butt off so that would have sucked!!

You're going to rock it, can't wait to hear about it!
Liz said…
Ha - an out and back is MUCH better than running through wildfires, I think :) GOOD LUCK!! Can't wait to hear how it goes.
That really sucks that they have to cut out such a beautiful part of the race. Total bummer... Darn wild fires. :(
Lindsey said…
Sad that you don't get to run around Clear Lake, but I'm so glad they didn't cancel the race! Good luck Lauren! You are going to kick butt. I can't wait to hear about it!
No taper-crazies AND the race is still on? Success! :)

We did a half two years ago (beg. of December) and they changed the course at the last minute. It was Completely different - almost pancake flat, vs on hilly trails. And it rained --> snow (mid-race drop in temp). Ha, so yah, that wasn't too fun but its a good story.

Good luck tomorrow, Sass! Can't wait for you to rock that thing!
Danielle said…
Hope it went well! Looking forward to the report!

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