Love is all you need, or so the song says...

As a mostly single girl for 26 years, I know all too well about spending holidays (especially Vday and Christmas) alone and feeling like you're lost out there at sea with no one to care for or to be cared by (besides your parents-thanks ma and dad!). While this year I don't quite feel so lost at sea, the holiday doesn't seem any more lovey dovey. In fact, I think I actually celebrated Valentine's less this year than I have in the past.

The holiday lover that I am, usually makes special trips to Tar-get just to walk through the holiday aisles and stare at all the pretty red and pink heart shaped things. Not this year. This year I was too busy watching episodes of the biggest loser (we have dinner riding on the person's team who gets the furthest), going on dates and trying to squeeze in my normal workouts and laundry into any spare few hours I previously had to lust over the holiday. Crazy how quickly life can change. How you can go from having four hours every evening to sweat to your heart's desire, wander through the grocery store picking out your favorite organic produce, watching endless episodes of Jon & Kate plus 8 or Grey's, to pretty much throwing half that out the window. It's all worth it, but I'm just sayin'.

These little beauties arrived to my office on Tuesday because the man friend and I were celebrating Vday a bit early. He left today with a friend for San Fran for a big wig bike race to watch the likes of Floyd Landis, Lance Armstrong and others and do some riding of their own.

Receiving flowers in the office is nearly one of the most humiliating things ever. Lots of unnecessary oohing and aahing and silly grins. My boss came in stuttering something to the effect of "where, um, who...did those come from?? Nevermind. I mean, um, are you dating someone you didn't tell us about?"

Dear Boss,

No, I did not send you a memo when I started dating this man friend of mine five or so weeks ago.

YourFaithfulEmployee Sass

In true sass form, I want to say that no matter where you are in your life and love, love is really all around us. (Don't hate, I happen to be listening to the Love Actually soundtrack and it's fabulous. If you don't have it, go on and get it.) Love is in your parents, your best friends (who also send you bouquets of flowers-Thanks T!), coworkers who bring heart shaped bagels and berry cream cheese to work, the gas station attendant who calls you "hun." Ok, so I'm stretching.

But in all seriousness, the one thing I hated as a single woman is that feeling of pity and loathing that singles are supposed to feel on this holiday. I say, celebrate it. Celebrate how fabulous you are, even if no one special gets to experience that right now. The more you love yourself, the more someone else is going to. So grab your favorite single friends, a good bottle of wine, a chic flick, go dancing in the rain, laugh until you cry...whatever it is, just enjoy.

Happy Valentine's Day!


J said…
Those are very nice flowers! Happy Valentine's Day!
KGreg said…
Yeah, the flowers T sent me caused quite a stir in the office. Everyone was asking, "Who's your man friend?" And I was like, "Actually it's my woman friend." And then things just got awkward. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!
Amber said…
Beautiful flowers! Happy Valentines Day!
Sassy Molassy said…
KGreg, that's hilarious. All it takes to make an awkward situation among people who don't really know you is say your "woman friend" sent you something. That will get the gossip going.Enjoy the Vag monologues. I've been a few times here on the UO campus and always enjoy it.

Happy VDAY all!
Anonymous said…
those flowers are Gorgy!! I love the big Lily :)

I'm still cheerin for the purple team!!! haha.

xoxo - happy v day!
magda said…
Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

I LOVE the Love Actually soundtrack. And, yeah, the film as well : ) I watch it year-round. Christmas movie, what?

I love your advice for single girls, too ... so well said.

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