Gym Zen

I've been exchanging early morning workouts at the gym these days for lunchtime and post work sweat sessions in order to avoid looking like the crazy workout-obsessed gf by making the bf (who is still on the job search since he was laid off over a month ago) set the alarm to 6 AM. But this morning, with the things on my schedule and lunch with a friend, I simply didn't have any other option. After a few months of missing these workouts, I forgot how totally zen a morning at the gym can be. It's empty, quiet and I can choose to do any machine I want, when I want to.

At lunch and after work, I fight the hoards of college students who have finally rolled out of bed and don't have much choice over what types of cardio or weight machines I do. Today it was 35 min of arc trainer (similar to the elliptical w/out arms and harder on the legs in my opinion), 10 min of elliptical rolling hills, two sets of push ups and 20 min of lap swimming.

After today's reunion with my precious AM workout, I think I just might have to go back for more. Do any of you do silly things (like pretending you don't want to hop out of bed at 6am to go workout and instead stay warm in bed) in order to seem a bit less neurotic about exercise? Truth: I know he wouldn't care if I did this most mornings. I already hop out of bed early to do yoga, push ups and abs in the am, so what's another 30 min earlier to head to the gym instead??

Happy Friday! I can't tell you how much I love Fridays for the mere fact that we get to wear jeans at work (and of course that the week is over). It's my little piece of heaven.


Amber said…
LOVE early morning workouts but HATE getting out of bed, that's me. Haha. But ya it gives me so much more energy from the day and it's just really nice to get your workout over with!

My campus gym is way less busy early in the morning too!
raulgonemobile said…
I can't do early morning workouts.. just not a morning person.

I should really give it a fair shake, but I just have such trouble getting out of bed.
Tess said…
I did my first ever early morning workout this week, and was ever so proud of myself! I too go to a campus gym, and it's less crowded at 7am than it is at lunchtime. An added bonus is that I get a hot shower in the morning, which I don't always get at home, due to sharing a small hot-water heater.
Shoshanah said…
I love casual fridays too!
heatherdc said…
casual friday would be aaawesome.

and hey, if you like your morning workouts then get your morning workout. :) I'm sure the man-friend doesn't mind either way.

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