Because sometimes rest is exactly what you need.

My heart tightens when I look at my running log this week. An entire four miles No joke. That's about 35+ short of my usual marathon training weeks.

Don't get me wrong, I still logged a lot of hours in the gym, but still. My foot hurt after last Sunday's five miler so I took three days off, opting to bike, aqua jog, weight lift and elliptical my way through it (since this happened 3-4 weeks before my last marathon in May). Come Thursday I decided to do a short EASY jog while my running group did the speed workout. Result? Foot hurt, required more icing and less running.

Saturday (my typical long run day) came and I knew my foot would thank me for not running. So I hopped on my bike, rode the 5-6 miles to a local race that several friends were running in (Couple's Classic, named appropriately for the holiday) and cheered them on. Then it was off to REI on the bike to get some winter sale items I'm SURE I needed. Then another six or so miles home. After refueling, I headed to the pool for 35 min of aqua jogging and another 30 min of laps. Result? I felt good about getting some calorie burnage in and my foot didn't hurt as much as it would have after hitting the pavement for 2+ hrs straight.

Sunday (today), my dad and I drove a few hours to the snow for a day of cross country skiing. The weather was great and it was nice to get some father/daughter bonding time in. My foot? It wasn't super happy with me and gave me hell most of the day. The few advil I took around lunch didn't seem to make a dent in the pain, but I survived and it was probably better than running on it (I hope).

So, what am I doing tomorrow at 8 AM? Calling the doc. Scheduling an appt to get a referral to my phys therapist or foot doc and then getting an effing xray, hopefully. Ugh. To which the result will probably be: rest, ice, bike, aqua jog. Just fabulous.

And on a more exciting note...wanna know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow night? Orange Pan-glazed Tempeh. YUM. Heidi has some awesome recipes that I borrow from time to time. For example, Fri I mailed my Valentine blogger exchange recipient a batch of theseitsy bitsy choc chip cookies (and the Love Actually soundtrack)!

Anyone out there want to share a good recipe with me you've tried lately? I'm ALWAYS on the lookout. And, if you haven't checked out JOY or TRANSPLANTED BAKER, do so pronto. Your tummy will thank you.



Amber said…
I was having foot pain yesterday too and had to cut my run in half. It was weird and SO frustrating because I felt great but my foot did not. Every time I landed on my left foot it felt like nerves were pinching together along the outside edge of the foot, so weird and did not feel good at all. It also was mostly happening when I was running downhill, when I got to the uphill part of my run it was fine. Does icing it help? Maybe I'll throw some ice on it tonight and hopefully it'll be feeling better for my run tomorrow!
heatherdc said…
So far I've escaped any serious pain throughout this training (knock on wood!!!!), meaning I've been pretty lucky I guess. That foot thing doesn't sound good :/, hopefully the rest helps and it heals up!!

I've never been cross-country skiing - growing up by Colorado I'm all about the downhill and can't even imagine how hard it is to be on a flat surface. ha, definitely takes some muscles!!

hope you had fun :)
magda said…
Feel better and fast healing! I'm sending good vibes your way : )

Do you read Maris' blog (In Good Taste)? I poach so many recipes from her it's not even funny. She's a very clever writer, too, which is fun. She's at
Sassy Molassy said…
magda, looks great. i'm going to have to start following maris now too. thanks for the suggestion!

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