Are you listening?

In my recent 'Take it and Run Thursdays' post I mentioned I really should listen to my body more often. It's true. I run, a lot. My bod, it hurts. After 17 milers my feet and knees ache and sometimes wrench with pain. My it band is tight. I need stretching and massaging. I need rest.

But as any runner knows, rest is the mental enemy. And I'm going to rest for two days. Today and tomorrow. I need it. That plantar faciitis is rearing its ugly head back into my feet and I don't like it one bit. While I know deep down rest is the best thing, it's a fight not to pull on the spandex and lace up the shoes for a good hard run, no matter how bad it hurts.

So to save my own sanity, I'll do some pool jogging (think ugly blue floatie belt strapped around waist while trying to attempt running motion in water) and maybe a little bike, weights (upper body) and abs.

Anyone out there struggle with resting?

And, on the meeting the parents front, all went well! It was a definite success. My grandparents drank too much wine (after all you can't let good wine go to waste). My brothers and dad were pretty quiet, but that's no surprise. My grandpa was sarcastic. My grandma kept pulling birthday gifts out of this Mary Poppins-like bag and he just kept laughing. My mom was happy. My bro's girlfriend liked him. He said my family was great.

Moral of the story is, I'm assured meeting the parents early on isn't always a bad thing. Sometimes it's just the icing on the cake that makes him say "you just keep earning more points in my book." Enough said.


Amber said…
Resting when I was sick last week was really hard for me, but I feel a million times better today and I'm ready to train hard this week. I did gentle yoga everyday last week to trick my mind into thinking I wasn't completely resting!

That's great that meeting the parents went so well!
J said…
I struggle with resting too! Sometimes even on my off days I have an itch to just run but I know that my body needs to just sit down and watch the tv and be lazy!!
T-Dizzle said…
YAY! I knew you guys would have a good time with the fam :) *SIGH* he sounds like a keeper LP!
heatherdc said…
The "easy" days are hard for me. Resting? I'm pretty okay with, most of the time. :)
I'm just definitely a Type-A runner, and when I'm training it's just as much of a fight to keep the run "slow and easy" as it is to get out there for the long ones. Ha, makes no sense.

and, yay! good family times :)
magda said…
SO GLAD the family meet-up went well! Sometimes it's just right, and there's no sense wasting an opportunity because the outward world says it's too early. Keep on scoring those points!
I've found that spinning is a great way for me to rest my sore feet. It takes away a lot of the beating on your feet and knees but is still an amazing workout.

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