What do you deserve?

I wrote in my journal a few weeks ago that I wasn't sure I deserved this guy, even though deep down I know I do. I told the universe that for whatever reason it decided to send him my way, I was totally appreciative. But now, now I'm thinking I don't deserve this. He didn't deserve to get laid off on Monday and I didn't deserve to find someone amazing who just might have to move soon in search of a paycheck.

But I know what they say, don't count your chickens before they hatch. So I'm trying to remain calm, supportive and happy. Choosing between between what you deserve and desire, and what is best for someone else isn't always easy. All I know is things get messy when your heart gets involved.


J said…
Sometimes things do look like they can't get better, but just keep your head up and take it one day at a time. You never know what opportunities lie right around the corner.
But keeping your heart out of things too often will leave you feeling alone. Keep your heart in it. It sounds like it'll be worth it.
amric1409 said…
Oooh that really sucks about him getting laid off! Keep your heart in it, everything will work out for the best!
heatherdc said…
Hm, job thing...not good. BUT. As somebody who has been in a Long distance-er for 3+ years (on-off-whatever), I'm just sayin...it can work. If you're happy, then you're happy. A few weekend trips here and there, it's a little getaway. :) You Deserve to have the choice, to stick with it if "it" works.

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