All signs point to Monday

I had a date last night, which was in and of itself a monumental occasion. It went well. We went to dinner and chatted a while. He's attractive and does this cute thing with nose and has an adorable laugh. There weren't as many first date awkward moments as I've experienced before. There was some laughter and joking, a kiss and a hug and talks of doing this again sometime.

Ready to start 2009 and the work week off right, I went to bed around 1030pm after texting a few friends about the night. Unfortunately, I layed in bed wide awake for the next several hours. At 140am i woke up to have some heated milk (seriously, am I 5??) because that's the only thing I could think of doing. I finally got to sleep and woke at 8 after turning off my alarm. Great, so much for getting to the office early to start on some neglected projects.

My head hurts from exhaustion and those positive thoughts from the date seem to be fading. Like, was it really good? Am I delusional? Am I just wanting it to be a success even though it wasn't? Girls need to stop overanalyzing everything, really as a mass because we just feed off each others' paranoid diagnoses of situations, people, conversations. That should be added to my resolution list for 2009.

Anyone else having a case of the Mondays in the attempt to recover from these last few holidays?


KGreg said…
Yep, I'm right there with you (although no date). I was sitting in a meeting and our dean suggested something that I thought was kind of lame, and apparently I didn't hide it well enough because he took one look at my face and asked me to explain how/why I disagreed with him. Not a good professional start to the new year. :)

I'm sure your date was great, hopefully the start of more great dates with a great guy.
amric1409 said…
I hear ya. It's so hard to get back in the groove of work and/or school after a long break. I'm sure the date probably was great! I always overanalyze things too! Hopefully your week picks up :-)
Anonymous said…
Yessss. Except my 'case of the Mondays' was brought on by a total of 5 Hours in delays (3 and then 2), getting in 5 hours later than originally planned, and then having to face work today. UGH. Not ready for reality again.

On another note, Stop overanalyzing! If the initial feelings were good and 'yeaaaa I had fun' - then you did. :) enjoy it.
Jamie said…
ooohhh date!!! boy!!! yay!!! i haven't been by here in awhile! thought i'd see what's going on! i'm so happy for you!

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