Creativity and all that jazz

Prior to a month or so ago, I really never gave myself the time or the option to explore my creative abilities. Sure, coming from a family of artists, I know I have some creativity in my blood and I am pretty good at scrapbooking and decorating cupcakes, but let's get serious. I think our society looks at creativity sometimes as a hindrance to our daily lives that is acceptable just as long as it does not to interrupt the productivity of the working world.

A month ago I went to the library in search of a few "this is the career path for you" type books and some general good advice on dating for the lame. I emerged with several books, the gem of which, was Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way Workbook." This week I'm on week four, "Recovering a Sense of Integrity."

In the past three weeks I have learned a lot about myself that extends beyond just my creative talents. Cameron puts you up to ten or so tasks per week, usually involving some writing, creativity and thought. From "Artist's Dates" to dreaming up 5 lives you wish you could lead (professional athlete, photographer, wedding planner, fashion designer/consultant & singer) to listing people you both secretly and publicly admire, this workbook is way cheaper than therapy or a month long retreat to some yoga farm in the hills of California. I highly recommend it!

The biggest challenge so far is trying to write my daily morning pages (three entire pages!), which usually add about thirty minutes to my morning routine. Lately, I've been saying "goodbye" to my brisk morning walks and instead writing three pages of randomness and bits and pieces of what I remember from my dreams. Supposedly, this takes all the random and seemingly useless thoughts you have running around your head and paves the way for a productive day because you have cleared your mind of some of the clutter that can slow you down. Anyway, now I'm just rambling. Time to hit the gym before the holiday madness ensues!


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