I've got a bad case of the Mondays

Little sleep mixed with it being Monday and a wind storm taking over the western part of Oregon, makes for a really crappy start to the week. Campus feels really dead with it being finals week and all. And, the fact that the Ducks lost the Civil War isn't helping. So, the Ducks will be heading to El Paso for the bowl game. Not exactly the place I was hoping for, but what can ya do?

I'm feeling stressed out with Christmas coming, even though it's still a few weeks away. I'm losing control of my good eating habits with every box of donuts or cookies that gets put on our snack table at work. Just leave it at the store people...I can't handle it! I feel like I've lost all willpower. Luckily, I'm maintaining my workout regime so I have that to keep me in check. So, here's to the rest of the week filled with salads and good eating habits.

With little patience left for this Monday, I took my stress outside and went a half hour walk during lunch. Still not feeling fabulous, but the head is a bit clearer. A walk can do wonders when nothing else can.


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