Sugar high

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who have just a bit of a sweet tooth. On the average work day I have to fight not to dip my hand into the candy dish every single time I walk by the front counter or make multiple stops at our snack table, which usually has some sort of baked good or leftover snack from a recent Trader Joe's trip. This is suicide for someone who is trying to maintain a healthy diet.

Luckily, however, I run and workout more hours than I care to admit and therefore am able to consume the sugar and lard without worrying too much that it's going directly to my thighs and ass.

The last few days I have practically ignored the candy dish without even trying and just ate the healthy stuff I brought from home. Go me! Until now. As I'm writing this, my coworker brings me a molasses cookie (my favorite) from the Eugene City Bakery. She knows I can't resist them and well, we just kicked some butt on an e-video we produced and sent out to our alumni. So, I guess this was the celebratory cookie instead of a glass of wine.

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