Flossing in traffic

Some people like to sing to their radio (ok, I enjoy that as well), but for whatever reason I tend to get the sudden urge to floss while I'm driving. After several days of just wishing I had some floss sitting around on my way to or from work or running, I put an extra roll of it in my car. The way I see it, flossing in the car is better than restricting myself to flossing only in the bathroom at home and then never remembering to do it.

Yesterday, on my way to run club I was flossing it up and everyone I passed seemed to notice. I received many grins from passersby on my two mile route and I hope they all have a new outlook on the productivity that is possible while driving. Granted, it's not always the safest and sometimes I'm driving with one hand or an elbow, but I haven't been in any fender benders yet and I haven't tried flossing on the freeway.

Besides, the next time you go to your dentist, don't you want him or her to say "it's obvious you've been flossing?"


LOL LP you are crazy! When I was driving into work one morning last week, I saw the stereotypical "putting on mascara while driving" chick - I was really concerned for the well-bring of the car in front of her, especially since she was just turning off of the freeway and there was a lot of traffic and other things to pay attention to. I'm guessing though, that like you and your floss, she made it to her destination without incident...although I'd be scared personally about poking my eye out in that particular scenario :) You'll have to let me know if your dentist notices!! LOVE YA!

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