Do you ever feel like...

you're just too picky? Last night I met a perfectly nice, attractive, athletic male who doesn't do drugs (I hope) AND is in law school and yet, I really wasn't that impressed. As we talked and flirted, the whole time I'm thinking "nope, not quite what I'm looking for." The hard part is, I really don't know what it is that I'm looking for.

My friends and family continue to tell me I'm too picky and at some point you just have to take a chance. But for one reason or another I can't seem to bring myself to date someone just for the sake of dating them when I see no potential for a future. And then I have to wonder, if I did take a chance and just dated randomly, whether or not he meets the checklist, would that make it easier for me to pursue someone I'm truly interested? Part of me knows that just getting out there and getting it over with would make everything after that seem easy, but I'm a chicken.

Either way, I'm going to stand by my personal motto. I believe that no one should have to settle for less than they deserve or desire. And frankly, I'm just not desperate enough to do that yet.


Kayla said…
I agree - holding out is wiser. I myself am a relationship person, which means I give guys chance after chance for years (6 years the first time, 3 years for the current one). I think it's good to take chances, but you'll know when it's right to take them.

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