The Not So Bad Recovery

So far, recovery is going well. The first two days after the 50K, I kept things relatively easy with a few miles of gentle hiking each day, a bit of strength work and some yoga stretching.

 Can't say my sweet hiking outfit and rockin' recovery socks didn't help!

Tuesday night, after prepping layered enchiladas, I set out for my first recovery run. I set my intention to run easy for about an hour, all the while listening to a This American Life podcast. The weather was perfect and I didn't push my pace. I let the legs do the talking, rather than my brain.

Six miles later, I was back home feeling good with a 9:12 average and legs that could have gone further. So, I guess this recovery thing isn't so bad after all...

Credit: Tracktownphoto

Meanwhile, the manfriend was back at the cyclocross thing. Can't believe it's already that time of year! Bring on the pumpkins, sweatshirts and cruleaves.

Wednesday, it was a fun mixed bag with 20 min strength in the morning (Best Body Bootcamp workout), 1.8 miles of hilly easy running after work and then water tower yoga outside!

 water tower

yoga (and my weird left rib cage)

This week, I'm also returning to the Best Body Bootcamp routine because I felt like I wasn't able to give it my all when we went back to the midwest and then I got sick. So this week I'm starting back at week 5 (I think we're supposed to be on 7).

Honestly, I want to keep strength training a part of my fitness routine at all times so this is just a fun way to keep mixing things up and the body guessing.

The only thing on my mind now is... what's next?! Trust me, I want to sign up for races left and right, but I'm trying to keep the spending down. For my own sanity, I'll likely sign up for one more race (maybe a half) this fall and call it good for a few months.


jen said…
Belated congrats on your amazing 50k. I loved the race report, you absolutely nailed it. What a gorgeous course. I am so happy for you!! Enjoy your recovery!
I am glad you are recovering so well. That is a great sign that your body was really in peek shape for that 50k! I am so impressed by you!!

I am excited to see what you tackle next, and hope that it will still work out for you to run Chicago in 2013 with Amber and I. :) But if you can't due to wedding stuff, I also totally understand. :)
J said…
You are recovering so well from the race! Very awesome to see! I love doing the strength training while running - I had to give it up in August due to time constraints and such but I am back at it now and I can tell I lost some of my fitness because I took time off and I am ready to get back into it and have sore muscles!

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