Friday, January 29, 2016

Day in the Life

I've never actually done one of these despite enjoying reading so many other peoples' day in the life posts. On top of that, I thought it might be fun to look back on this moment in time down the road when the memories of chasing an (almost) eight month old baby around start to fade. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

1:00 am Henry wakes up crying a bit. Diaper change, nurse, back to sleep

2:30 am H is up again. I think he's probably in a growth spurt because he has been eating 1-2x more at night than he was before. Nurse and back to sleep in the crib.

6:00 am H is fussing. When I go in he's standing in his crib. I'm hoping he's not up for the day because I have to go to the dentist and Pete would probably like a bit more sleep. Nurse, H seems to have energy but puts his head on my shoulder and let's me put him back in the crib and goes to sleep. Yay, 15 more min of snoozing for me!

6:50 am Alarm goes off, grab running clothes, change, out the door. If I don't go now, it's likely I won't get one in today.

7:25 am Back from a sopping 2 mile run, but happy to have got a little run in. Make coffee and cereal (Kashi GoLean + frozen blueberries + chia seeds + almonds), shower, get dressed.

7:45 am Out the door to head to my dentist appointment. Pete goes in to work a bit later, so early appointments are key.

9:00 am Teeth cleaned, home, nurse, play with Henry, feed him oat cereal w/ bananas + cheerios (great for working on his dexterity)

Just another day at the office.

10:30 am Baby down for nap. Whip up some banana bread while listening to Happier podcast.

11:15 am Friend Stef and new baby Austin come over to visit, Henry wakes up from nap, play/chat/keep H from falling

1:15 pm Take H and Jonah Bell on a walk around the neighborhood. It's randomly sunny and 60 or so (again) today, so we've got to take advantage of it!

1:40 pm Home and H is hungry & tired. Nurse and put him down for a nap.

2:00 pm Eat lunch (leftover quiche w/ greens + avocado and some chips), check emails and respond to some things re: running store events/to do's, check social media, wash dishes

3:15 pm H is up from nap and grinning. We play peek-a-boo as he stays in his crib rolling around laughing at me. Oh, my heart.  This is what life is all about. Read him some books & play.

Oh the excitement of kitchen gadgets

4:10 pm Head to mall to return something. Park across the river so we get another walk in both ways because hey, it's sunny out in January!

5:00 pm Talk to my mom on our walk back to the car, head home, nurse, attempt a short nap but he doesn't go for it, so we play

6:00 pm Feed H his "dinner" consisting of pureed veggies, peas and some mashed sweet potato. He likes it all.

6:30 pm Pete is home, plays with H, I do dishes, H has a messy diaper, so bath time it is!

7:00 pm Books, nurse, put H to bed

7:30 pm Pete and I eat chicken tacos and chat a bit, then browse social media, check email, look at rentals options.

9:00 pm Start this blog post

9:20 pm Get ready for bed

10:30 pm Henry wakes up to nurse, go to sleep

The End.

Happy Friday! What's on your agenda for the eve or weekend? I'm looking forward to a family coffee/treat outing in the a.m. and a haircut tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, January 25, 2016

New Year, New Watch

Oh how quickly time passes these days. I have intentions of writing in this space regularly and ideas for posts drift in and out of my head as I'm out on a morning run or going through my day, but I don't often make the time to put my hand to the keyboard for blogging purposes.

Alas, here goes. 

It's true that running doesn't require many fancy things. I could still be running just fine in my Nike tempo shorts, Target tech top, Ironman chrono watch and a decent pair of shoes (the most important piece of gear any runner needs). But new, technical running gear gets me excited to hit the pavement and trails, so I happen to have a few drawers full of the stuff. Some people have designer purses or shoes, others have running gear.

Simple, but useful Ironman chrono watch from Target

My last Garmin died a sad death about 1.5 years ago when a lovely digital arc became burned onto the screen and was never to work again. That being said, it was my second Garmin and I used it for several hundred runs and thousands of miles.

For my birthday, my parents surprised me with a new Garmin (the Forerunner 235) despite my assurance that my simple chrono watch was just fine. After all, I'm not gunning for any PRs right now or training for a marathon in the near future. But they know how much I use (and love) my Garmin when I have one, so new watch it was!

Yup, it was love at first run. The snow didn't hurt either. 

After my first (snowy) run out with the new watch, I was already in love. At any moment I could see my pace, distance covered and heart rate (max, min and average). On top of that, this watch is also a step counter, so it's been fun to see my steps too - something I've never tracked before. Pure runner bliss.

I've now had the watch for almost a month and have worn in for several runs, walks, and even as my everyday watch while I'm around the house with Henry or we're out doing errands and what not. I can tell you that I've loved every Garmin, but this one takes the cake.

While I always wanted to know my heart rate during runs, I rarely wanted to strap on the heart rate monitor I had for my old watch, so this one not requiring a strap is a-mazing. I can easily click over and see my current heart rate and my max and minimum in the last four hours. The battery life is also pretty darn impressive, not requiring me to charge it for at least 4-5 days with regular use.

And the only con for me is a minor one. There is a little green light on the back of the interface, which glows when it's not quite in tact with your wrist (like you shift it, or remove it and don't have it set down on a flat surface). A few times, I've been putting Henry to sleep and the darn thing starts glowing in a pitch black room. Not exactly the best thing when trying to put a baby to sleep, so I just try to remember to remove it before his bedtime or naps.

You can also sync the watch to your phone so you can see your incoming text messages, but I prefer to keep those things separate. ;)

Do you have a favorite piece of running gear? What is it and why?

Monday, January 18, 2016

Day at the Mountain

Happy Monday! I hope everyone's weekend was fun and relaxing. Even though I'm not going into an office daily, weekends still feel like a welcome respite. And I'm sure that's in part because I have a little more help with Henry and usually get a chance to go out for a longer run.

This weekend we actually headed out of town on Saturday and left Henry with my mom for the day so we could fit in a bit of skiing. With plenty of bottles on hand and instructions for his typical routine, I knew he was in good hands with grandma.

While the forecast was less than ideal for the mountain, we decided to just do it because we don't always have an open day and childcare. And it seems that with snow sports, if you don't do something when you want to do it, you might completely miss doing it that season.

Luckily, our closest ski mountain is a little over an hour away making it an easy drive. The weather was pretty questionable, pouring rain until we got within 15 min or so of the mountain where it turned into big, wet flakes.

With the dumping snow and a bit of wind, we opted to buy a pass for just 2 hours so we wouldn't be forced to ski all day in crappy conditions. Because once you pay $$ for a full day lift ticket, it feels like a sin to quit more than an hour before the lifts close. 

Thank you manfriend for being willing to pose for my photos. ;)

Our first run wasn't so bad and we even got a glimpse of sun for a few brief moments, but after that it was a lot of blurry, powdery runs with low visibility and icy snow pelting the face.

Two happy parents trying to remember how to ski again

After skiing, we put on snowshoes and tromped around in the deep snow near the parking lot for a while. The manfriend thought it would be funny to step on the back of my snowshoe at one point so I'd face plant. Lucky for him, powder isn't so bad to fall in.

We ended the day with a beer at the cozy Brewer's Union in Oakridge before heading back to Eugene.

While it wasn't a perfect day in terms of weather, it definitely made both of us want to come back soon and do it again. I even have visions of carrying Henry in our hiking backpack on a clear day and snowshoeing for a few miles. We'll see...

In other weekend news, I spend a few hours cooking food Friday night - veggie lasagna for my parents and this 10-spice soup. We also got to see our good friends' new baby boy (so tiny and cute) and did a bit of cleaning of our attic/storage space (yikes). And I got a 40 minute run in while it poured rain this morning! All in all, a great weekend.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It's true what they say: Home IS where the heart is. 

When I first moved in with Pete almost six years ago, I honestly didn't like this little house. It was a man's house with blah decorations and paint colors I disliked. And it was in a neighborhood that didn't always feel safe.

But slowly, things changed. The neighborhood turned around as some key folks moved out and new residents moved in. The manfriend did a lot of work to landscape the front yard and built two raised garden beds where I could plant tomatoes and a few other veggies. And on the interior, we slowly made our way painting almost all of the rooms, replacing doors, decluttering and arranging the rooms to our liking.

And then, in an effort to look toward the future and wanting a bit more storage, space and flexibility, we decided to put the house on the market. For several years I admittedly didn't like the house much, then a year or so I began to really feel like it was our home and when we put it on the market, I realized I loved this little place.

And now, as we get ready to sell it, I can't help but want to hold on to this space that now feels cozy, homey, clean and ours.

As I laid in bed unable to sleep last night, all I could think about was not wanting to leave this place, my familiar running routes and our home. But I know deep down that one of the big reasons it finally feels like home is because it's Henry's first home and our first home as a family of three.

I'm reminding myself that home is wherever we are and that as we move on to a rental, which we will be carefully selecting, a new place can feel like home too. Big change is something I've never been fond of, so part of me is likely scared for what's to come (and let's be honest, packing). But I know that with the manfriend and our little guy by my side, it will be just fine.