Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week in Workouts

My first full week of workouts was exciting if anything. After six weeks of only walking (and taking care of the bambino of course) I was finally doing something different! But that was short lived as my body made it clear I wasn't quite ready to return to all the fun. So, I'm back to walking, a little yoga stretching (downward dog does wonders for an aching baby-carrying back), and maybe a little upper body strength work for now.

Monday - 25 min strength training + a little deep core work for that diastasis recti

Tuesday - 20 min late night yoga

Wednesday - 20 min a.m. run/walk + p.m. mama yoga!

Thursday - Hendricks hills for 50 min (walking the hilly loop the speed group was running repeats on while pushing the stroller) Let's just say, running UP hills is going to be serious work when the time comes.

Friday - 45 min barre strength via The Fitnessista + yoga flow while Henry napped + 1 hr walk at Dorris Ranch with the manfriend and the little guy

Saturday - 45 min stroller walk + coffee & cinnamon sugar donut at the Farmer's Market (not necessarily part of my workouts, but felt luxurious and like my pre-mama life)

Sunday -  45 min stroller walk downtown

If nothing else, it was fun to do something different for a week and I know I'll be back to it all eventually. It's a good reminder that this whole having a baby thing is a serious stress on the body and I've got to give mine a little more time to heal. My plan is to take another two weeks off and then try just run/walking very briefly and not incorporating lower body strength or much of anything that engages the pelvic floor at that time. We'll see...

What's been your most exciting or challenging workout lately? What's on deck for your weekend?

I'm not gonna lie, I'm really looking forward to being able to hop back into a bootcamp style, challenging yoga flow, or Barre3 class in the future.

We are heading to Central Oregon to meet my parents to go camping for a night. It's going to be a fun test to see how challenging (or manageable) camping with a newborn is. I'm already packing and bringing about twice the amount of outfits I think he should need (because babies spit up and pee/poo on everything). Oh, and it's going to be in the mid 90's... #overthisheatwave

Thursday, July 23, 2015

My First Run Back

Technically, this was my second run post pregnancy, but to be fair, that first run/walk lasted 11 minutes, included a few minutes of walking, and was done in my neighborhood. For Sunday's run, I planned to leave Henry home with the manfriend while I got some solo time in along the Willamette River. It's amazing what an hour can do to recharge your spirit. 

The weather was gorgeous, making for a perfect early morning run/walk. 

I almost felt like my old self again, out for an early run with just my thoughts and my Brooks Ravennas... That is, until I started to run and was reminded I have a ways to go to get back to where I was (and that's okay). 

This is probably my favorite shoe color combo in quite a while

To really enjoy the outing, I opted for a 5 minute walking warm up followed by a 20 minute run (w/ 5 min or so of walk breaks thrown in) followed by a 5 minute cool down and lunges. 

I thought about turning on a podcast for a moment and then I thought better of it. Some space to zone out is just what my brain needed. 

Walkin' it out

So how did it feel? My inner thighs feel weak, where ligaments and such attach to my lower pelvis felt awkward, and my lungs burned a little bit. But none of that was a deal breaker.

Because things feel pretty tight, I did a whole bunch of 'lunge and reach with the opposite arm' things. We often do these before our Thursday night Flyers workouts and they feel amazing. 

And finally, back home and feeling renewed both mentally and physically. I think this return to running thing is going to suit me just fine. I might not feel fast or light on my feet, but I'm running and that's all that matters right now.

From here on out, most of my runs will be done in the morning before the manfriend heads to work, or at the end of the day, but I'm crossing my fingers I won't be a stranger to these solo weekend runs. As for yoga and strength training, I'll consider it a good week if I'm able to fit these in at least once. Here's to hoping! 

What's your favorite mood boosting activity? Highlight of your week?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Baby's First Hike

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen that our little guy went on his first hike! In an attempt to check off some of our 'summer items' and to practice traveling with baby, we decided to head out to the McKenzie River on Saturday for a little adventure.

In life with a newborn, things rarely seem to happen on schedule, so you just have to roll with it. The manfriend was up early to watch the Tour de France, get our busted old washer ready to be picked up, give the dog a bath, and swing by the bike shop. In the mean time, I got Henry and myself ready for the day. Just as we were about to leave, Henry woke up from his nap and was ready to eat. Cue 30 min delay...

By the time we left the house it was noon, but it was Saturday, so who really cares?

I think I mentioned this before, but Henry does not like being strapped into his car seat. Luckily, he only fussed for a few minutes before falling asleep for the entire two hour drive!

We got to a parking area along the river, changed his diaper, plopped him in the Ergo, and set off on our hike. Saturday was warm (in the 90s) and with a little movement and a cozy environment, Henry went right back to sleep for another hour while we hiked.

It felt really good to be a bit more active and spend some time on the trails, even if I wasn't running. We also saw a bunch of mountain bikers on the trail. Someday, someday...

I really expected the little man to wake up and be hungry along the hike (he eats every 2-3 hrs typically), but we made it back to the car where I finally had to wake him up to feed him.

The car ride home was a little less enjoyable, but he did manage to sleep about half of it. As a reward for our hard work, we stopped at the nearby general store for "chicken on a stick" for the manfriend (basically flavorful fried chicken) and a huckleberry ice cream cone for me. 

The rest of the day involved a lot of couch sitting and staying indoors where it was cool. Overall, I'd say our trip was a success and I'm crossing my fingers our next road trip will go just as smoothly. 

What's on your summer to-do list? 

Everyone keeps saying that we should take advantage of these first three months when the baby is really portable and can nap almost anywhere, so we're trying to do some fun summer things while we can. Things like: visiting breweries, going to Bend, camping, dinners out, and random little road trips.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Six Weeks and Running

It's hard to imagine, but it's already been six weeks since Henry was born. Six weeks I haven't been packing around that 30 lb bump and have instead been carrying for and getting to know our little guy.

This week I had my six week postpartum visit with the midwife and everything checked out just fine. Things are almost healed and I have a normal amount of abdominal separation (diastasis recti), but she cleared me to start running (and exercising in general) again - wahoo!

I won't lie that I was half tempted to head home and put on my running shorts that night, but I haven't just yet. I did try to jog about 10 seconds last night and things definitely felt strange, so that return to running is going to be interesting to say the least. But I shouldn't be surprised as it's been 15 weeks or so since I last ran.

While I haven't been running yet, I did do my first strength workout! It wasn't all out or done at even close to 100 percent, but it's a start (and you've got to start somewhere, friends). While the manfriend was rocking and shushing (typical get baby to sleep method) Henry to sleep, I busted out this 15 minute strength workout.

Cute baby pic because why not?

It was handy that it just so happened to include plenty of upper body and core work, which I need a lot of and just a touch of lower body.

How did it feel?

My core felt all kinds of weak. And 8 lb dumbbells felt HEAVY. It's gonna be a while until those 10 lbers feel light again. And 15 lb? Not for a long time. And pushups are going to be done from the knees for a long time.

But that's okay. Until it feels natural again, I just need to remind myself that the progress will be slow and steady. There's no need to push myself regardless what my ego tells me.

It Takes a Village
We've all heard the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I've already seen that to be true. In fact, it takes a small village to take care of a new little family.

My mom still has that baby whisperer in her

In reality, we could be getting along alright without the extra support, but there's no doubt that we are thriving as a result of the support we've received. (Ahem, thank you mom for coming down 2-3x per week to help out and snuggle Henry.)

From meals to chats to little gifts and people simply checking in with us, it's all been incredibly appreciated. It's amazing what little conversation (in person or over text/phone) can do or an out of the blue delivery of dinner.

It gives me a whole new perspective on what I should have brought those friends who already had babies. Food. Lots of food. And conversation (in person or via text/phone) because it's surprising what good a normal chat can do for a sleep deprived new parent. On those days when I'm holding, rocking, feeding, and changing a baby all day, something outside that realm is a welcome change.

This is all to say that while caring for a newborn is challenging, the manfriend and I have felt extremely supported. Thank you to everyone who has been there for us!

Just for Fun

Make these muffins. Thank me later. They taste delicious morning, noon, and night and the recipe only calls for 2 Tbsp of sugar. A friend made them for me and I've since whipped up another batch.

Read 16 Surprising Things About Parenting in the Netherlands. I have found Joanna's motherhood around the world series fascinating as it really does differ dramatically from one country to the next. One interesting fact about the Netherlands is that about 20 percent of births are done at home vs < 2% in the U.S. This reminds me that I'd like to reread Bringing up Bebe.

Okay, I think that's enough for now.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Dear Henry: one month

Dear Henry,

Holy moly, where did that past four weeks go? Scratch that. I think I know. I've been doing a lot of sitting around holding, feeding, rocking, and staring at you.

It goes without saying, but we love you so much. You're just about the cutest thing I've ever seen whether you're sleeping, crying, yawning, you name it.

It's hard to imagine that just a month ago it was just me and your dad hanging out, watching Netflix and wondering what the heck we should do with all our spare time.

The highlights of month one:
  • Your eyes opening
  • Those first smiles
  • Your hands gripping my fingers

You may be small(ish), but you are mighty. Your (long) legs and arms are so strong when you push away from me or are moving around on the blanket during tummy time. And you can already hold your head up and look around pretty well, although sometimes you do bonk your head right back down on my shoulder. This week you weighed 10 lb 8 oz and are growing like a champ!

When you wrap your little hand around my finger while you're nursing it's like you're telling me you love me right back. You are a good eater, which I'm thankful for, but sometimes the feeding sessions just go on and on (up to an hour at times). But I trust you'll get more efficient as time goes on.

You do not like sleeping anywhere that isn't in close proximity of me or your dad. And preferably, you'd like to sleep on us. Night time sleep has been tough. Usually, you will sleep for a few hours in the bassinet and then a few more hours broken up next to me on the bed. It isn't ideal, but it's the only way I am getting any sleep right now. As you're waking up, you yawn and proceed to make no less than 50 different facial expressions. It cracks me up every time.

Around three weeks, you really started opening your eyes. And just shy of four weeks old, you started making eye contact with me and following people as they move, which was just incredible.

And possibly best of all, about a week ago you started smiling at your mama when I smile, talk silly to you, and give you kisses. It makes my heart explode to see your little face light up.

In these moments, I really don't want you to grow up.

You've also had some impressive explosive poops mid diaper change and red-faced upset screaming, but we know we're doing the best we can for you and we feel so lucky to be your parents.

I can't wait to see what the next month brings!

Love you lots,