Thursday, October 29, 2015

When Your Time is Not Your Time

Most days around here are pretty good. Sure, there's a lot to do to care for a baby that needs you to do oh, pretty much everything for them, but after almost five months you settle into a good routine. The baby no longer feels "breakable" and you generally know why they're crying at any given time.

But some days, some days are hard. Some days the baby wakes up five times in the night leaving you foggy between the ears, staring off into space on the edge of your bed as you contemplate having to go in and pick him up, feed and change him again. Some days the baby cries on and off a lot of the day (for no apparent reason) and despises the idea of you putting him down for 30 seconds to (god forbid) pee, chug some water, or grab a snack. Some days putting the baby down for a nap takes longer than the nap itself. <--- emoji="" here="" i="" insert="" sobbing="">

Monday was like that. All I had wanted to accomplish (besides take care of Henry) was to respond to a few emails and do a bit of writing for a project while he napped. 

Around 4:30 p.m., when I hadn't accomplished those things and it looked like he would be skipping his final nap of the day, I took a deep breathe and said to myself "Your time is not your time." It's not as if this was a new revelation, but rather than stewing in the frustration of it, I decided to let it go, appreciate my little guy, and take him and the dog on a walk to enjoy a sunny fall evening. 

I guess the moral of the story here is, baby or not, sometimes we have expectations about how something is supposed to go and when it doesn't happen that way we throw a little pity party for ourselves. But the truth is, what you can't control you gotta just let go. 

So when I'm exhausted or frustrated I haven't accomplished something I was hoping to, I'm going to continue reminding myself how incredibly lucky I am to get to raise this little guy. And who knows, I may go back to full time work in a few months or a year, so I want to enjoy these moments and not worry about the little stuff so much. 

I also owe you guys a four month update on Henry before five months rolls around (which is next week). Yikes!

Tell me what's new with you? Are you doing anything fun for Halloween?

Even though it's sort of a kids holiday, I still enjoy the festivity of it all, the decorations, and an excuse to eat a little chocolate. And we've yet to get a photo of Henry with a pumpkin yet this fall, so I feel like I need to make that happen in the next few days. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Favorites

Ah, fall. I've decided you truly are the most wonderful time of the year. It's crazy to me that we're already halfway into October. Here are just a few of the things that I've been loving this fall.

All the plaid. Don't get me wrong, I've pretty much always loved plaid, but as fall rolls around each year, the love for it is reignited as I see everyone digging out the pattern. I bought this cute little button up for H at a recent baby sale and our family friends bought him a few adorable shirts from Old Navy recently. I only wish they had the flannel in my size.

Fall Harvest Salsa
I tend not to try too many new, fun items at Trader Joe's because often they are packaged dinners or cookies that don't make a lot of sense nutritionally, but when I saw this salsa I knew I had to try it. I especially like that it has pumpkin, apples and butternut squash in it as well as some peppers that add a bit of a kick! to it.

The Changing Leaves
Yep, another obvious favorite. Whether I'm running through them or just staring at the trees that are soon to drop their leaves, I can't help but smile.

Pumpkin Smoothies
Somewhere, I saw mention of this pumpkin gingerbread smoothie via Barre3. I put my own spin on it using a bit less molasses and nut butter and adding a little coconut milk I had and it was surprisingly tasty. 

I wouldn't be surprised if I come up with another fall favorites round up in the next few months. It's a pretty perfect time of year. 

What fall things are striking your fancy? Any ideas for cute baby costumes? I'm debating on whether or not to dress up Henry. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Long Live the Bike Date

By now, you probably know about my love for bike dates. The manfriend and I have always loved a good bike adventure paired with good food and/or beverage and I'm so happy that hasn't been lost forever. Yes, there is hope for life after baby (with the help of a grandparent or babysitter)!

Last Friday, my mom came down to watch the little man while we headed out for what I believe was our second date since Henry was born. 

Downtown Eugene is only a few miles from our house, but just enough that it makes the journey exciting and I can poke fun at the manfriend, sing random songs, or say silly things. -->There's something about being on a bike that just makes me act like a kid. 

Our plan was to head to the Whiteaker neighborhood for beer and then move on to ice cream so we would have a few different stops rather than going out to dinner and coming right home.  So, we had a quick dinner at home and then hopped on the bikes and headed straight for Ninkasi. I had the Dawn of the Red and he had the Quantum Pale. 

As usual, we bumped into a few friends (Eugene is small like that), had some good conversation and tasty beer, and jumped back on the bikes with our sights set on Red Wagon Creamery

If you ever visit Eugene, you should definitely check out Red Wagon. They use high quality, locally sourced products and the flavors do not disappoint. After tasting their specials, I opted to go with the Pumpkin King, which just so happened to have Ninkasi's Pumpkin Sleigh'r Ale in it + a pumpkin butter swirl. Yuuuum.

Because the manfriend likes his beer (and I like him), we popped next door to the First National Taphouse so he could have one more beer before we hit the road for home. I sipped on water thanks to my lightweight status. ;)

And then we got back on the bikes and headed home to this little fellow. 

Thanks, mom for watching Henry so we could have a fun little date night! It was a good reminder that making dates (and plenty of laughter) a priority is important, even when raising a wee one. 

P.S. How funny does he look in these tight little jammies sitting in the bumbo chair? He is currently wearing 9 month PJ's because he's so long!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Week in Workouts + A Goal

Since the last trimester of my pregnancy, I've been itching to sign up for a race. You know, just to have something motivating to look forward to. But, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally felt like my body finally caught up with my brain.

Over the last several weeks I have been slowly increasing my run intervals by doing "wogs" or walk/jogs. I started with :30 of each and slowly increased my running time until I was running 4 minutes at a time and then walking for :30. And finally, I felt strong enough to just GO for 10 minutes straight.

Shortly after that, I was able to knock out a few 3 mile runs without stopping, so I knew I was back in business!

hello, fall

Well, that was all the confidence booster I needed to put down the $$ and register. Okay, well that and the fact that our local EWEB Run to Stay Warm half marathon is affordable, proceeds go to a great cause, and it's in Eugene so I can realistically nurse Henry right before and after the race without too much hassle.

So, November 22, I have a little date with 13.1 miles of pavement!

And that goal, in case you hadn't guessed, is to simply finish the race and enjoy it. If I have to walk a bit, so be it. I definitely won't be setting a PR this year. --> Just looked this up -- the last time I PR'd the half was in 2010.

Last week's workouts:

Monday - 4 mile headlamp run (you do what you gotta do to fit in your miles)

Tuesday - 25 min yoga flow @ home

Wednesday - 3.5 mi a.m. run (before the manfriend left for work) + 20 min strength training

Thursday - 5 mi w/ speed work (.5 mile warm up, 4 x 800m @ 10K pace, 6 x 100m @ 5K pace + jogging 100m between each, 1 mile cool down). This was my second speed workout after having Henry and boy does it hurt, but I know it will help remind my legs how to run fast again.

Friday - 25 min full body strength + 1hr stroller walk

Saturday - 5.3 morning miles - First long run in a while; whoa hammies and quads.

Sunday - Rest

Thoughts on Training
I will say that training now is definitely an afterthought rather than the priority it used to be, and that's okay. However, the manfriend and I have agreed to try and make it work so that I can do the speed workouts every other Thursday. It requires him to meet me at the workout and do the baby swap, but it's nice to be able to do a group workout again and see my running buddies.

Also, this getting back into running shape thing really makes me wonder how in the world I ran on a trail for six hours in 80 and 90 degree temps. These days, a mile feels hard. Perspective.

Happy Friday, friends!

And good luck to Lisa who is running the Twin Cities Marathon tomorrow!

Sidenote: You probably heard about the shooting yesterday at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR, just an hour or so south of Eugene. I can't even imagine what those families are going through. But I do know that now having a little one, it means something different. 

As I put Henry to sleep last night, I said a little prayer that he never experiences such violence. Yes, I want gun laws to change, but until then, I can only hope that putting good out into the world (in whatever capacity) makes some kind of difference.