Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

The past year has been a great one, for sure. I was pregnant and had Henry, which were obviously HUGE life milestones. Here's a look back on some of my favorite moments.

Spending a Winter Weekend in Central Oregon with Family
Yep, you're hearing it again. I love Bend, I love the snow, I love talking and laughing with my family. We don't have a weekend planned for Bend this year and I'll admit that makes me a bit sad.

Warning: tubing at a ski resort is not as fun and carefree as it appears. #terrifying

Finding out Our Little One was Healthy
(and has long runner legs like his dad & mom). I may be short at 5'3", but I have pretty long legs paired with a child-size torso.

Being a Pregnant Runner
I always wondered what it would feel like and now I know. It was hard from the get go, but manageable (with walk breaks) until 30 weeks or so.

Running near campus in between classes

Going to School While Pregnant
I'll admit I'm disappointed that I've put my school dreams/aspirations/whatever on hold for now, but I know it's the right thing to do considering how much time and energy raising a baby requires. I also know I'm not passionate enough about the end goal (and all the hard work in between) to chase those R.D. dreams right now.

Coffee @ school needed when pregnancy insomnia hits

However, I think it was really interesting to take classes with 20 year olds being a non-traditional 32 year old sporting a baby bump around campus. It really gives you perspective on things. I also confirmed that organic chemistry is insanely hard and is a good part of why I might not continue on with the program. It's hard to feel smart when you struggle with an entire subject.

Setting up Baby Moe's Room
I'm not the greatest decorator, but with Baby Moe on the way, I had a vision of how I wanted his (or her) room to be and that was white and grey with a few pastels mixed in and pretty clean. It was nice to see everything come together and have a room to welcome the little one home to.

Four hours later, IKEA dresser success

Hiking While Pregnant
While my running definitely slowed down over the course of my pregnancy, my hiking picked up. It was a great way to get my heart rate up without being quite so jarring on the pelvis. It also provided a good opportunity for the manfriend and I to be active together on the weekends. Probably my most memorable hike was doing the 8+ mile loop with blog friend Elizabeth at Silver Falls.

34 weeks @ Silver Falls

31 weeks on top of Misery Ridge @ Smith Rock State Park

Starting a New Job at Nine Months Pregnant
I had the fun opportunity to help a couple friends open their new running store, including work on the marketing, designing and writing content for the website, plan the grand opening party and working with customers one month before Henry was born. It's continued to be a nice balance of providing a creative, work outlet as well as provide a little bit of income and keep me connected to running. 

Having a Baby
Preparing for Baby Moe's birth and actually having Henry was by far the most monumental thing I've ever done. And the birth was the most physically demanding thing I've endured, even considering I had an epidural about halfway through the labor. Twenty-four hours of labor, including three hours of pushing had me feeling like I had run a marathon, been run over by a truck AND done about 100 pull ups in the days following his birth. 

Seeing Pete Become a Dad
Not only were those initial father-son bonding moments so sweet to see, it's been fun to watch the manfriend become more confident and grow as a dad to Henry as the little guy grows and changes. I've also really appreciated that he gets to spend Sundays one-on-one with Henry as I work at the running store. 

Camping with Baby
This was our first big outing with Henry. It involved taking the dog to the boarder, packing up the car full of camping and baby gear and timing the drive right. It also happened to be crazy hot that weekend, so we were careful in keeping the little guy in the shade as much as possible. Henry did surprisingly well sleeping in the Rock 'n Play in our tent and I managed to nurse him in a camping chair in the middle of the night with no trouble several times. 

My Return to Running
While it took a while longer than six weeks for me to return to running after Henry was born, it felt really good to regain that part of my identity. And once I felt like I was solidly running again, it was exciting to sign up for my first postpartum race and then run the half marathon!

Watching Henry Grow 
While this will obviously continue, it has been incredible to see how much babies change exponentially in the first year of life. It's been a blast watching our happy little guy discover the world and we feel pretty lucky to share it with him.

Well, I'm sure I could go on and on, but I think I'll stop right there. These are definitely the highlights from what I can tell in scrolling back through my photos from 2015. 

Here's to an exciting and fulfilling 2016! Per the usual on New Year's Eve, I'm feeling pretty pumped for all the possibilities in 2016.

What were three of your biggest moments of 2015? Any exciting plans for tonight?

I think our plans involve dinner and some bubbly on the couch after the little man goes to sleep. And I've already declared we'll be celebrating an east coast NYE. ;)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Dear Henry: six months

I was determined to post Henry's six month recap before he actually hit seven months. It's the little things, really. I'm also starting to think about 2016 and my personal goals and our little family goals as well. I love the fresh start of a new year. 

Dear Henry,

Six months, already! I know when we're out doing errands, strangers mention that you're a big baby, but I still see a small, curious little guy who relies on me (or dad) for nearly everything. Sure, you've grown a lot, but you're still a baby. It amazes me that at 18 lbs, my arms don't get tired like they did in the early days holding you or carrying you around most of the day.

Physically, you can sit on your own for a bit, but rarely do because you like to be moving. Army crawling is your favorite and you roll over all the time trying to grab something or maneuver yourself. Recently, you started reaching up to me with one hand when you're in your crib on all fours. It's so sweet to come in at night and feel your little hand reaching out to me.

We've been diving more into solids. So far, you've tried pureed butternut squash, peas, broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, banana, a bit of my almond milk green smoothies, and gnawed on my peanut butter toast on occasion. Oh, and I let you share some oats with me one morning. Talk about a mess! I've been enjoying the Tyler Florence Start Fresh cookbook even just as general guidance for baby feeding.

You love your books and are especially obsessed with Corduroy Goes to the Doctor.  Lucky for you, you got a million (okay, maybe 30) new books for Christmas, so we have plenty of new ones to add to the rotation!

The whole fam got a cold over Christmas and while it sucked, you were still a trooper and mostly a happy little guy. Sleeping in new places is always hard, so you took four ergo naps on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I'm just thankful you were able to get a little sleep.

Mom's slowly realizing how to dress you to keep your legs warm (and covered). In short, you're wearing 12 month pants for their length even though 6 month size pants fit you better in every other way. I guess this is just a foray into your future of having a hard time finding pants that work for you. ;)

Well, I guess it's about time we started baby proofing and mopping a few times a week because before I know it you'll be crawling for real!

Lots of love,


Weight: 17.7 lbs

Height: 27 "

Sleep: Usually waking up 2x per night and taking longer naps!

Wearing: 9 and 12 month clothes

Dear Henry: five months

Monday, December 21, 2015

Dear Henry: five months

I know everyone is singing this tune right about now, but it's crazy to me that this is Christmas week! While most of my presents are bought and wrapped, our tree is half decorated (try hanging ornaments with a baby in your arm) and slightly leaning and we've yet to drive around looking at Christmas lights. #tistheseasonwithbaby

Miracle of miracles, I actually had drafted part of this post on my phone a month ago...

Dear Henry,

Five months! Almost half a year. Things sure do go quickly! It's hard to imagine that the average working American mom has already been back to work for TWO months! It makes me feel extremely lucky that I've been able to stay home with you for this long. Who knows what will happen in the future, but I know that right now I am trying to cherish this time even though it's exhausting and I rarely ever get a break.

But you're adorable, so I'll let it slide for now...

Lately, I've found myself dreaming of going to get a pedicure or massage mainly so I can get 90 min to myself to just zone out and be taken care of.

You are on the verge of being really mobile. You are currently doing nursing gymnastics (think down dog while attempting to nurse) and rolling over all the time in your crib, on your changing pad, etc. You are also getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth. It's so cute to come in your room in the morning or after a nap to find you just grinning while staring up at me and rocking on all fours.

I was thinking tonight about how lucky I am to be your mama. You are such a sweet little one and truly a gift.

And remember how last month I said we had done sleep training? Yeah, well, that was great while it lasted! About two weeks later you decided that the only way you would fall asleep is by nursing. I'm trusting that it's a phase and you're growing a lot right now so you need more food.

You've always liked books, but it seems that around month five you started really having a preference for certain books. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way are a few of your favorites. You also like helping to turn the pages and close the book.

This month we took you over to Bend for a little overnight. It was your first time sleeping in the travel crib (& in a motel) and it went better than expected. But your dad and I sure realized life was different as we were watching the Duck football game on mute in a dark room at 7:00 p.m. as you slept. 

And how can I forget that this month I started giving you some real food?! You've tried pureed carrots, peas, broccoli and sweet potato as well as sips of my green smoothies and water. Oh how you love my water...

Okay, that'll do for now. I could probably write a letter to you every day because it seems like things change that quickly. 

Lots of love,


Weight: ~16 lbs

Sleep: all over the map. Waking every 1-3 hours through the night. Those three hour stretches feel glorious. 

Wearing: Some 6 month onesies, some 6-12 month stuff and 12 month PJs because anything smaller is too short for you. So thankful for all the hand-me-downs we've received from friends and family! 

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dear Henry: four months

So, it took going to our SIX month pediatrician appointment for me to finally get my rear in gear on these updates. I want to write them both for my own interest and because others might enjoy them as well. Luckily, I'm keeping a journal as well as notes on a baby calendar so I have a bit to reference back on.

My blogging has been slacking lately, but I'm really hoping to get back to writing regularly now that Henry is starting to take longer naps. Here goes...

Dear Henry,

Four months - holy moly! We are starting sleep training (The Baby Whisperer method) and it is hard. I hate hearing you cry, but we know it's in your best interest. Dad put you to sleep the other night and it took 35 minutes for you to stop crying and go to sleep. Luckily, you took well to sleep training and after 4-5 days, you were going down for naps and nighttime like a champ in maybe 5 minutes!

You are starting to rotate or spin when we put you down. It's not fast, but sometimes when I put you down on your mat or in the crib, when I come back a minute later you've already rotated yourself 90 degrees. I can see where this is headed...

You are already becoming pretty interested in our food, but we haven't given you anything just yet. A few times you've nearly dumped my entire cereal bowl on the ground because you wanted what was in it. You also love looking at and touching my water cup.

Your smiles are just the best. I noticed you've been "talking" a bit less lately, but I think that's because you're focusing on your motor skills. I can tell we're on the verge of a whole lot of movement, ready or not!

Lots of love,

What's not to love about a baby in jeans?

Height: 25.5" (63%)

Weight: 15.6 lbs (47%)

Sleep: Waking 2-3x per night

Clothes: Squeezing you into a few stretchy 3 month things, but mostly we're on to 6 month clothing and 9 month PJs

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Broken Sleep

I should be blogging about months four, five or six (whoa!) in terms of Henry's growth, new skills and personality in general, but I'll save that for another day. Today's post comes to you from the land of sleepy. In fact, I probably should be napping during this likely 30 minute nap, but I wanted to dust off the ole blog.

I will say that the first eight weeks or so of Henry's life were by far my sleepiest yet. There was plenty of crying between Henry wanting something all the time (milk or sleep) and my exhaustion and general feeling of overwhelm.

I remember once trying to rock him back to sleep in the middle of the night when I caught myself before falling over because I was so tired. In the early days, the only way to get him to sleep was to stand and rock and shush him. He never did like us sitting in the chair to do that.

As everyone tells you, things really do change constantly with babies. They are doing so much growing both physically and developmentally that it's bound to happen. But knowing that fact doesn't make it easier.

So just as soon as we had sleep trained him around 14 weeks, he decided to refuse to go to sleep without nursing. Talk about two steps forward and three steps back. And he's gone from waking up maybe 2-3 times per night to eat to sometimes 4-6. Needless to say, this mama is TIRED.

Aw, I miss my snuggly little six week old.

I think we'll be soon trying the Baby Whisperer sleep methods again (which involves plenty of crying and soothing them to let them know you're there) and I'll probably start waking up Pete to go in and try and put him back to sleep when I don't think he needs to eat. While I know he doesn't "need" food every few hours during the night, as a mom, it's hard to hear your baby cry (which often sounds pretty desperate) and not go in and solve the problem.

Anyway, this is all a long-winded way of saying that I'm tired, but I'm also continually surprised at how well I can function on very little sleep (usually 4-6 hours of broken sleep) and still want to go running several days a week. Yes, I probably should go to bed at 8:00 p.m. to snag a little more shut eye, but I can't seem to bring myself to go to bed that early. Plus, that's often time reserved for a bit of computer work for the running store or simply some chill out time.

What's your ideal amount of sleep? I operate much better with 8 hours, but I suspect that won't happen again for a few years.

Monday, November 23, 2015

EWEB Run to Stay Warm + Weekend

Woohoo, my first postpartum race is in the books! I'll chat a bit about our weekend below, but first a bit of a race recap. 

Yesterday's EWEB Run to Stay Warm half is a local race in which all proceeds go to help families who have difficulties paying their water and electric bills in our community. EWEB is our local water and utility board and they put on the race that includes a 400m kids race, 5K, 10K and half marathon. The race follows the bike path along the river and is always pretty crisp given the time of year. 

Henry woke up around 6:40 a.m., so I nursed him and put him back down (usually he's awake for the day, but sometimes I can get him to go back to sleep for another hour or two). I then ate some pb + banana toast and had some tea while getting ready. An hour later I had a small bowl of cereal too. 

Finally, at 8:00 a.m., the little guy was still sleeping, so I pumped a bit and headed to the race while Pete stayed home with Henry. 

The beauty of a hometown race: leaving your house 30 minutes before the race starts and having an 8 minute commute. 

The race started at 9:00 a.m. and it was in the low 30s at that point. I was happy to have an earband and a thin pair of gloves on. And for once, I think I actually dressed almost perfectly for the weather. Often, I overdress for the cold.

Jessica and I planned to take this race pretty easy being that she ran the Portland Marathon in early October and this was my first race post pregnancy. It was honestly really nice to just chat and run without worrying about hitting specific splits. I don't even own a GPS watch anymore (my Garmin died a while back), but my cheapo Timex does the trick.

Jessica's husband and two daughters were out on the course cheering as her husband ran with the stroller to a few different points and my mom was out cheering for us at a few spots too. We were expecting to see Pete, but apparently the little guy took his sleep seriously and they just barely made it to the finish in time.

Our pace was sort of Goldilocks: not too slow, not too fast, but just right. And I was surprised how quickly the miles ticked away as we chatted.

At mile 12, I urged us to pick up the pace a bit as we headed into the finish. And thankfully, the finish line for this race is just after a short downhill, so it's a fun, fast way to end the race.

We finished in 2:00:15, which is about a 9:11 pace. It was my slowest half to date, but also completely enjoyable, which I can't say has always been the case. It was a good way to come back from pregnancy and adjusting to life as a new, sleep deprived mom. 

Side note: does anyone actually like getting race medals? I could really care less about them and wish races would spend their money elsewhere. 

Smiles = goal met

Thankfully, Jess will forever be the person who dragged me into running, forcing me to run long distance track with her in high school. 

It was 36 degrees at the end of the race, so we didn't stick around the finish line long. The coffee had already been polished off, so I grabbed some chocolate milk, a few orange slices, and part of a bagel w/ pb and headed home to shower. 

Our little fam

I didn't have a chance to stretch really at all as I had to shower and get ready for work at the running store, so that will be the goal over these next few days. 

As for our weekend, it was really nice to have company in town. While little ones make everything about 10x more complicated, it was a lot of fun. 

Friday night I prepared salad, pasta and bread for the gang. Saturday morning was breakfast out (pancakes + bacon = mmm), packet pickup, playing at the park in 30 degree temps, salted caramel lattes, naps for the wee ones, a walk through the UO campus and wood fired pizza. 

Besides the fact that I'm looking off into space, I really love this photo and the huge tree behind us. I'll just go ahead and say it again: fall is the best time of year. 

After getting just a taste of racing today, I want to look for another fun race to train for in early 2016. 

What was the highlight of your weekend? Favorite race distance?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Race Week is Here

The last eight weeks really have flown by (not to mention the last five months for that matter). It's funny how when you start training for something, eight or 12 weeks sounds like plenty of time, but before you know it, race day has arrived.

For the most part, I did a good job at getting in consistent runs each week and almost every week I did a long run, increasing my mileage by about a mile each week, starting at 5 miles for my long run and ending with a 10.5 mile run. By far, this was the most challenging training cycle in terms of fitting in my runs.

Being a new, nursing mom requires a bit of juggling with the timing of feeding, sleeping, and then of course having someone to watch the babe (whether that's dad, a family member or childcare). At least once a week, I did either a headlamp run after Henry was asleep and Pete was home, or the little guy accompanied me on a stroller run. You gotta do what ya gotta do!

For long runs, I would often nurse Henry around 6:00 or 6:30 a.m., eat some p.b. toast, quickly get dressed and run from the house in order to get back in time for the next feeding. Last weekend, I did a 7 miler for my last long run and honestly, my legs still get sore by mile 4, so it's clear that my running fitness is still slowly returning. But all in all, half marathon has been really good for me in that it forced me to get out on a run on my own a few days a week and clear my head a bit.

So, what are my plans for the next few days and race day?

As I mentioned before, I'm approaching this half marathon in a very laid-back fashion. My good friend Jessica is coming down from Portland to run it with me and we'll likely chat and laugh through the 13.1 miles. And I'll happily walk through water stations if we want.

Running at Cannon Beach in 2014

I did a short recovery run on Monday (30 min) and a 3.5 mile stroller run with Henry and friend Laurel Tuesday as well as a bit of strength training. I'm hoping to get in one more easy run Thursday or Friday (~3 miles w/ a few strides) and a few short yoga stretch sessions before Sunday.

I also want to stay hydrated (which is much more challenging these days) and be conscious of not eating too much fiber from Friday on.

And finally, I already have it in my mind to treat myself to a salted caramel latte from a local caffe afterward. Yum... #treatyoself

What's the next race or adventure on your horizon? Anyone running a turkey trot this year?

After EWEB Run to Stay Warm, I'm really hoping to get back to studio yoga once a week and head out for some more trail runs when I can. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sippin' Cider

I hope you're having a great weekend! It's been a while since I did a coffee chat, but seeing as how I'm currently sipping on some warm Trader Joe's spiced cider, it's going to be a cider chat.

It's fall and I know many of you will agree that it's truly the most wonderful time of year. I love the warmth of summer and the festivity of Christmas time, but November is really where it's at. The air is getting crisp, the holiday bustle hasn't quite begun, we haven't all started gorging ourselves with goodies, the trees and leaves are gorgeous, layers, boots and flannel are acceptable. What's not to love about November?

Recycled from last fall

With the cooler temps and leaves everywhere, it's definitely feeling like fall. Because it feels like this time of year passes so quickly and all of a sudden Christmas is upon us. I thought it would be fun to do a quick post highlighting what I've been doing, wanting, reading, etc.

Doing - Hiking the Ridgeline Trail. In addition to fitting in running, it occurred to me I really wanted to get out on the Ridgeline before it starts pouring. It's one thing to run or hike in the rain by yourself, but it's another thing to bring along a baby (and because I figure he wouldn't be so fond of being drenched, I'm doing it now). I've been trying to hike at least once a week with Henry. On Friday, Lindsey and I hiked for over an hour and then grabbed coffee. So good for the soul.

Wanting - A massage and a pedicure. Yes, my toes are in desperate need of some pampering and my back and shoulders hurt on occasion, but more so, I'm pining for a few solo hours to simply zone out.

Reading - Summerland and Winter Street by Elin Hildebrand. These are quick reads and probably qualify as chic lit, but most importantly, they've inspired me to hole up with a book and just read after the little guy has gone to sleep. This week I also picked up a few cookbooks (Mark Bittman's VB6, Moosewood) and a few on baby feeding and more quick reads from Elin Hildebrand.

Eating - Gone are the days where I'm preparing anything that takes more than 30 min tops to make. Dinners lately have been rice & bean bowls, pasta w/ veggie marinara, tofu Thai stir fry and grilled sandwiches. And I've been eating far too many sweets because well, I'm hungry all the time and they always sound good.

Laughing - At this little guy who is keeping me on my toes. At five months and 16 lbs (I still owe you guys a few Henry updates), he really has outgrown this chair, but on occasion I set him in it so I can do something quickly. Gone are those days as he's now rolling over and trying to crawl over the back side.

Feel free to join in. What have you been doing, wanting, reading, wearing, etc?

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ramping Up the Running

I'm officially six weeks into half marathon training with only three to go! And you know what's  exciting? I finally hit 25 miles of running for the week recently for the first time in oh, at least seven months!

For whatever reason, 25 miles has always been that magic number where I consider myself really running seriously. Sure, 20 miles per week is good, but 25 just feels like I'm really having to put effort into making time for my runs. And that's even more true now.

Now days, in order to get my training in, it often means I'm running while Henry is sleeping, whether that's after his morning feeding before the manfriend leaves for work, or after bedtime requiring me to don a headlamp. I've been trying not to do too many stroller runs simply because they aren't that fun and I think they mess with my stride a bit, but sometimes they are necessary.

Last week's workouts:

Monday - Yoga with Adriene flow

Tuesday - 25 min strength workout while H napped + 3+ mile headlamp run

Wednesday - 4+ mile stroller run

Thursday - 15 min strength workout + Flyers speed workout (10 min warm up, drills, 25 min tempo run, 6 x 300m @ 5K pace, cool down) Holy moly. Anything that hurts this bad has gotta be making me stronger/faster, right? 

Friday - rest

Saturday - 3.75 miles easy around the neighborhood + 10 min yoga flow

Sunday - 9.6 mile long run (The legs were still feeling Thursday's workout!)

A few random thoughts: 

  • Yoga with Adriene has been a fun new way to fit in yoga at home. I love her super laid back, but positive attitude and the fact that I can pick from a ton of different kinds of classes (morning yoga, yoga for when you're sore, foundations, etc.). I'm also embracing that in this season of my life I'm not looking for "kick my ass" yoga like I might have before. At this point, just regaining some flexibility and challenging myself here and there is what I'm looking for in my yoga practice. I hope to get back to taking classes in the studio on occasion, but this works for now. 
  • My average pace these days (w/out the stroller) is around a 9:00 per mile, which before was more of my easy or warm up/cool down speed. I don't care so much, but I am curious how long it will take to regain my old pace. But at this point, I'm happy being the tortoise; slow and steady wins the race. 
  • Two weekends ago I joined in on a little trail run for my friend Laurel's birthday. It's been so long since I've run trails, but I was still surprised at just how sore those 4 miles left me. At least it was fun!

Dear trail running, I forgot how much I miss you. 

  • Breastfeeding + running more has left me hungry all.the.time. these days. Sometimes I just stare at the cupboard or fridge wondering what else I could possibly eat to fill me up that doesn't consist of nuts or nut butter. 

How was your weekend? What are your favorite go-to snacks or meals that keep you satiated for a while?

Thursday, October 29, 2015

When Your Time is Not Your Time

Most days around here are pretty good. Sure, there's a lot to do to care for a baby that needs you to do oh, pretty much everything for them, but after almost five months you settle into a good routine. The baby no longer feels "breakable" and you generally know why they're crying at any given time.

But some days, some days are hard. Some days the baby wakes up five times in the night leaving you foggy between the ears, staring off into space on the edge of your bed as you contemplate having to go in and pick him up, feed and change him again. Some days the baby cries on and off a lot of the day (for no apparent reason) and despises the idea of you putting him down for 30 seconds to (god forbid) pee, chug some water, or grab a snack. Some days putting the baby down for a nap takes longer than the nap itself. <--- emoji="" here="" i="" insert="" sobbing="">

Monday was like that. All I had wanted to accomplish (besides take care of Henry) was to respond to a few emails and do a bit of writing for a project while he napped. 

Around 4:30 p.m., when I hadn't accomplished those things and it looked like he would be skipping his final nap of the day, I took a deep breathe and said to myself "Your time is not your time." It's not as if this was a new revelation, but rather than stewing in the frustration of it, I decided to let it go, appreciate my little guy, and take him and the dog on a walk to enjoy a sunny fall evening. 

I guess the moral of the story here is, baby or not, sometimes we have expectations about how something is supposed to go and when it doesn't happen that way we throw a little pity party for ourselves. But the truth is, what you can't control you gotta just let go. 

So when I'm exhausted or frustrated I haven't accomplished something I was hoping to, I'm going to continue reminding myself how incredibly lucky I am to get to raise this little guy. And who knows, I may go back to full time work in a few months or a year, so I want to enjoy these moments and not worry about the little stuff so much. 

I also owe you guys a four month update on Henry before five months rolls around (which is next week). Yikes!

Tell me what's new with you? Are you doing anything fun for Halloween?

Even though it's sort of a kids holiday, I still enjoy the festivity of it all, the decorations, and an excuse to eat a little chocolate. And we've yet to get a photo of Henry with a pumpkin yet this fall, so I feel like I need to make that happen in the next few days. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Favorites

Ah, fall. I've decided you truly are the most wonderful time of the year. It's crazy to me that we're already halfway into October. Here are just a few of the things that I've been loving this fall.

All the plaid. Don't get me wrong, I've pretty much always loved plaid, but as fall rolls around each year, the love for it is reignited as I see everyone digging out the pattern. I bought this cute little button up for H at a recent baby sale and our family friends bought him a few adorable shirts from Old Navy recently. I only wish they had the flannel in my size.

Fall Harvest Salsa
I tend not to try too many new, fun items at Trader Joe's because often they are packaged dinners or cookies that don't make a lot of sense nutritionally, but when I saw this salsa I knew I had to try it. I especially like that it has pumpkin, apples and butternut squash in it as well as some peppers that add a bit of a kick! to it.

The Changing Leaves
Yep, another obvious favorite. Whether I'm running through them or just staring at the trees that are soon to drop their leaves, I can't help but smile.

Pumpkin Smoothies
Somewhere, I saw mention of this pumpkin gingerbread smoothie via Barre3. I put my own spin on it using a bit less molasses and nut butter and adding a little coconut milk I had and it was surprisingly tasty. 

I wouldn't be surprised if I come up with another fall favorites round up in the next few months. It's a pretty perfect time of year. 

What fall things are striking your fancy? Any ideas for cute baby costumes? I'm debating on whether or not to dress up Henry.