Week(s) in Workouts

It's been a while since I've done a recap of my weekly workouts. Because this weekend is the Berkeley Trail Adventure half, I figured I would catch you up on my workouts since the 50K.

Week of 9/8 to 9/14

Monday - Since the race was Saturday, I took Sunday and Monday off from cardio and stuck to an easy 30 min upper body strength session and a little yoga stretching.

Body was still a little sore, but not nearly as bad as when I race a marathon.

Tuesday - 20 min spin on the trainer, 3 mile run/walk on Pre's Trail to ease back into this whole running thing

Wednesday - a.m. strength {abs, arms, squats}, 4 mile easy run w/ Laurel

Thursday - 3.2 easy a.m. miles, vinyasa yoga

Big fan of the open back on this Under Armour top

Friday - a.m. strength/cardio session including: sweeping + vacuuming as a warm up {Pete was out of town, I wanted to clean}, spin on the bike and a short strength circuit

Saturday - up early to run 6 miles of hilly trail + Lindsey's vinyasa class {legs and hamstrings, the more the better}

Sunday - 9.25 miles on the bike path {+ a pit stop for syrup}

My bum left knee was pretty cranky through the second half of this run making me think I should actually go see a PT.

Miles run: 26

Week of 9/15 to 9/21

Monday - a.m. strength: squat & lunge focus, leisurely bike ride with the manfriend

Tuesday - 20 min yoga flow + 5 mile Tap & Growler group run @ 7:50 pace

I was already sore from Monday's strength session. Guess I need to do squats and lunges a bit more. Also, 7:50 pace seems very doable when I'm running and chatting with friends, but nearly impossible on my own. Crazy.

Wednesday - 30 min strength circuit fun via Sarah Fit + 7 miles post work hilly trail

Seriously, you need to try this arm workout and the booty burner.

Thursday - 30 min yogaglo flow + SPEED workout {warm up, 6 x 400m, 6 x 300m, 6 x 200m, cool down}

My first speed workout in weeks and it really challenged me. As always, I wanted to stop early, but I didn't.

Friday - 20 min total body Barre strength via Fitnessista

New shoes, I love you

Saturday - 7.5 mile trail run + Lindsey's yoga flow

 Can't complain about starting my day like this

Sunday - 9 mile river loop run + yoga streeeetch &relax class

Miles run: 34

A note about Fridays
I love how making Friday an easy workout day for me makes the day feel more exciting. Yes, I get my workout in, but I don't overdo it because I know I'll be doing plenty over the weekend.

This week, I don't really have a plan other than taking it easy and forcing myself not to run too much.

Next week, classes start so I'm trying not to think about that too much. Life's about to get really hectic again, but I'm trying not to panic.


You've been getting in some great workouts. Nice work! I will have to check out those 2 videos of workouts you posted as I am getting a little bored with my shred workouts from the summer shred I did in June.

I'm still trying to do the 30 workouts in 30 days challenge so I have been working to fit workouts in when I can. This is my 6th month of doing it and I am giving myself a break after that as it is really hard to fit all the workouts in every week, especially this week when I will be traveling.

See you in 2 DAYS!!!!

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