Fashion Friday with a Side of Smoothies

Good morning (or afternoon) and happy Friday! While it may be raining cats and dogs here, I see some serious sun in the forecast for next week, so all is good.

Because I've been keeping track of my looks a bit better lately, I thought I'd share a fairly Fashion Friday heavy post. And by Friday, I think we're all ready for a little lighter reading anyway.

To kick off your morning reading, I've been jumping on Jen's April Smoothie Challenge and enjoying more green smoothies lately than usual. She's making one every day, but I've been making them about three times per week for breakfast with a piece of PB toast on the side.

Fun fact: I don't drink a cup of coffee in the morning before work, but I almost always have a sip {or five} from the manfriend's cup. I am usually a tea drinker, unless it's a Saturday or Sunday and then I like an Americano or cappucino. Are you a morning coffee/tea drinker? 

Oddly enough, this week is another semi-'taper' week. It feels weird to call it that, but this time, I'm going to cut out the yoga on Saturday so I'm a little more willing to run hills early Sunday morning. 

Workouts this week have been: Two easy 4 mile runs, 6 miles with tempo and 400m repeats, yoga and a little strength training. I'm going to keep things easy the next few days and remember how to do the whole early morning racing thing (this race starts at 7 am about 30 min out of town in wine country).

Now let's get to what I've been wearing...

Fashion Friday

As I was wearing this combo a few weeks ago, I realized how cute it would be with the jacket buttoned up. That got me thinking that I should consider bringing this jacket to Europe as it will be great for both a little added warmth and changing up an outfit.

Hello Kelly Green

Jacket and dress: LOFT, shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW

Casual Sunny Friday

Cardigan: LOFT, shirt: Gap {new}, jeans: Goodwill/Old Navy, shoes: Old Navy

This slit neck top is one of my new favorite pieces as I'm adding a few needed staples to my woredrobe. It's a generously cut top, so it can be worn untucked with fitted pants/skirt/shorts, but I chose to tuck in the front. Love stripes and the summery feel of this top!

The Workhorse Dress

Shirt: Gap {old}, necklace: Stitchfix, dress: Old Navy, boots: Clarks

This is proof that even something old can still be a staple. I've had this basic shift dress from Old Navy (with pockets!) for at least 6 years and it still works well for when I want to wear a comfy dress. I had the idea of putting a button down under it this week and added the boots when it decided to crazy rain yesterday morning.

What is your wardrobe workhorse? Have you worn any unexpected combos recently? Favorite breakfast this week?


You look great in all of your looks! And I especially like that stripes made 2 of the 3 looks. :)

I never thought I'd wear horizontal stripes on my bottom half, but I have bought 2 skirts w/ horizontal stripes and I love them. I probably look like I have bigger hips in them but I don't care! My wardrobe work horse that I've purchased lately are these silky blouses from Banana with sleeves that roll up. I have the same blouse in different colors but they are a good investment as they go with multiple pants and skirts!
What a fun set of outfits! I definitely agree with your intuition about that jacket. If it layers well and versatile (sleeves up/down, etc.), then it's a great add to your travel bag!

Right now, my staple item is a pair of boots I purchased in Italy. I've been wearing them with casual outfits as well as some fun going out outfits and they always seem to work (plus, they're super comfy and haven't yet made my feet hurt). Definitely worth the money!
Amber said…
Cute outfits! I feel like we have similar style because I always love your outfits and could see myself wearing similar things. That first jacket would be perfect for Europe!

I have two cups of coffee every single day! One at home (usually after a run or workout) and I sip on it while getting ready for work and the second is at my desk when I first get to work which is also where I eat my breakfast 90% of the time!

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