The Little Things

I'll tell you, it seems like when I'm in school, my brain doesn't have much space for pondering things that don't revolve around chemistry, anatomy, or work. It's probably some kind of safety mechanism so my brain doesn't implode. So to keep it simple, I thought I'd share with you a few things that have been making me happy lately.

1. Big scarves. I have two infinity scarves and a few other colorful ones that I like to wear. I like that they not only add extra warmth, but are cozy and can add a little extra style to an outfit. I'm currently craving a big knitted version for winter.

Hello awkward bathroom pic

2. Tea. I've picked up a few different flavors on a few trips to the grocery store; green teas, orange spice, birthday cake. When I'm studying before work, it's nice to have a few different flavors to choose from.

3. Coffee shops. As convenient and free as studying at home is, it's just too easy to get distracted. $3 is easily justifiable when it buys you a few hours of fairly focused studying. P.S. Why are science chapters 50 pages long? As one of the slowest readers, it's pretty agonizing.

4. Fall leaves. I know, this happens every year. The leaves change color and then they fall off the trees.  But for whatever reason, I'm enamored with them wherever I go. On the running trails, driving down the street, outside my office window. I just can't stop staring {or taking pictures}.

Do you have a favorite flavor of tea? What's making you extra happy these days?


I can relate to how you feel. When I was studying for the CFA, I really could not think about much outside of work and CFA stuff. And long chapters were the bain of my existence!!!

I love infinity scarves, too! I knit one last year but it's going to be too warm for Charlotte weather but it is probably my fave scarf that I have ever knit.

I am loving tea these days, too. I got into it when I was in Mpls/Chicago as I had afternoon coffee meetings but that is too late in the day for me to drink caffeine. I bought a pumpkin spice tea from B&N last week that is really good and today I bought some passion tea from Starbucks. It is nice to have something to drink in the afternoon that is warm and comforting.
Stefanie said…
It's nice to keep up with what you're doing here, but I think we need a girls night soon to really catch up! Maybe after midterms?
Lindsey said…
I'm currently addicted to the Yogi Vanilla Spice tea. I can't get enough of it!

I'm loving the fall colors too! And studying in coffee shops. I also like that it is now the season for fires in the fire place :)
Leigh said…
I love infinity scarves too...well any scarves to be honest :)
Elizabeth said…
Ditto on almost everything you wrote, although I haven't hit up the coffee shop yet cause I'm more distracted by people watching at that point :) But I'm so feeling your tea, infinity scarf (and I actually bought yarn to make a big fluffy one!! but where's the time? ;)), and leaf love! Only 7 more weeks til your winter break :)

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