Marathon Wednesday: Race Week

Oh hello, looks like I missed Marathon Monday by just a few days, eh? Life is busy, especially when you pack a week's worth of school and work into three short days!

Here's a look back at last week, my first official "taper" week. I'll admit that this go 'round it has definitely NOT felt like a taper. After all, in every other area of my life I am running full speed ahead (hello night classes, chemistry lab, crazy busy event planning for work). There's been no need for getting anxious about not running because I have no extra time to fill. I haven't even opened my Feedly reader in a few days (you know I'm busy when I'm neglecting my blog reading).

Monday - 30 min yoga flow, rest day

Tuesday - 5 a.m. miles

Wednesday - 6 miles in the fog with 8 x 2 min tempo intervals

Thursday - 20 min am yoga, 6 miles, 10 min tempo with the group and the rest of the run on my own. Feeling on the verge of a cold and my stomach was off so I just ran the rest on my own. 

Friday - Rest, busy, pm walk

Saturday - Under the weather, skipped the run, went to my awesome power yoga class with Kira though! Long study/cappuccino session afterward.

Love Vero Cafe

Sunday - Last LONG run of 9 miles! Pete and I headed out on our long run together. We ran about the first two miles together and then he took off. I stuck pretty close to marathon goal pace and the sun was out so it was a pretty happy run overall. 

Randomly ended up wearing four shades of purple for this run

This morning, I had a magical run. After my warm up mile, the next four were each at 8:00 pace or under and they felt easy on my legs and lungs. Seriously, that's just the kind of confidence boost I needed this week. Here's to hoping I have that exact same feeling on Sunday morning!

If you want to track us during the Chicago Marathon, you can find me under "Lauren Peters" (registered before we got married) and the manfriend under "Pete Moe."

How is your week going? Anyone else experiencing magical miles these days?


missris said…
I'm definitely going to follow along from home, and be green with envy that I'm not in Chicago this weekend. Have so much fun!
Emily said…
SO EXCITING! You are ready for a great race! When do you guys leave? If I don't see you before you head out, KICK ASS!
J said…
Good luck this weekend! Hope you run awesome!
Good luck this weekend! I will be thinking about you and sending you speedy thoughts!
Amber said…
That is still a darn good training week for being so busy and tapering I think! I have been SO BUSY at work I haven't even really thought about this weekend but now that I'm sitting in the airport waiting to board my flight to Chicago I am SO excited!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Oh and I'm registered under my maiden name too. I am currently traveling with a passport and mastercard in one name and my drivers license and visa in another name and NO marriage certificate on me. Hopefully I do not run into any trouble :S ha
This is it! Can't wait to meet you tomorrow! Weather is looking meh on Saturday, but the rain should be out of here by the time the race starts. Yay!
I also think you still had a solid last week of training, despite all the other craziness of your life lately. I imagine this marathon training cycle may go down as one of the busiest times of your life between school, work, wedding planning, etc. I think you did an amazing job balancing it all!

No magical miles for me, but my feet hurt less badly this week than they did the week I was in Chicago so that is good!

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