Marathon Monday

Hello! Another weekend in the books full of running, a wedding, and more running. I'm getting the itch to fit in one of my adventures so here's to hoping next weekend might work out for that.

We are now FIVE weeks out from the Chicago Marathon! It's hard to even imagine that. I'm glad we've had some solid weeks of training so far because work will be getting busier and classes start just as our taper begins.

Monday - 4.6 miles on the bark with the manfriend after sitting in the car for 6 hours on the way back from the cabin, exhausted.

Tuesday - Rest day, 35 min yoga. The manfriend suggested (!) we do some yoga stretching so I found a few gentle hip stretching videos for us to do. 

Wednesday - 4.7 mile run, Lifeforce Fitness after work chalk full of burpees, walking lunges and lots 'o squats. It's weird to be running in the dark already in the mornings. Bye bye summer. 

Thursday - 2.7 miles easy a.m., p.m. SPEED work 7.25 miles. The 'predator' workout: warm up, drills, 3 min hard, 3 min back, 2 min hard, 2 min back, 1 min hard, 1 min back x 2 sets, cool down. Basically after you turn around each time, the faster folks end up catching the slower folks so everyone finishes at the same time. 

A little cross training

Garlic knots, oh my!

Friday - am abs + 15 min yoga flow, which is often needed after Thursday night's speed work. 12 miles cycling in the pm. After work, the manfriend planned to do his weekend's long run so I headed out on my bike to meet him for the last few miles. I finally found him and rode along chatting as he clocked in his 15 miles. We finished the night by refueling with beer and cheesy garlic knots at HopValley Brewing. So good. 

Dad and the bros at our cousin's wedding

Saturday - Up and at 'em for a 21 miler, which I split into two 10 mile loops. Followed the run with a 20 min Yogaglo stretch session and an epsom salt bath. Cross training also happened in the form of dancing at my cousin's wedding.

Enjoyed my cushy new Balega socks

Sunday - 10 miles easy on Pre's Trail

Surprisingly, I woke up feeling like I hadn't run long on Saturday. After so many marathon/ultra training sessions, I think the body just understands this is part of the program. The yoga and strength training I've incorporated in the last few years probably hasn't hurt either.

I had signed up for Pints to Pasta 10K in Portland, but after the 21 miler, a wedding, and a late night with my family, I just didn't feel like being on the freeway for hours just to run 6 miles. So yep, 50 bucks down the tube, but it just felt like the right decision. I like that race, but was just not stoked for it. This was my first ever DNS (did not start).

Total miles: 50

Total green smoothies: 3

How was your weekend? And your training if you're gearing up for a race?


Wow, I am super impressed that you ran 10 miles the day after you did 21! You are clearly in great shape for this marathon. I can't wait to see how you do out there on the course.

I started using the recumbent bike again this weekend. I've done it the last 3 days. It feels like the lazy person's workout but after being sidelined for months now, it feels good to do something, and I definitely have been feeling it in my glutes. I am hoping my elbow joint heals so soon I can start swimming. And maybe, just maybe, I will be well enough to run come October. We shall see how I feel! I was hoping to do a half in January but have had to accept that that is not reasonable. So maybe in Feb or March?

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