Labor Day Weekend in the Puget Sound

So, as I mentioned, Saturday morning started out early from Portland at 6 a.m. with a road trip north from Portland to the Puget Sound to my grandparents' cabin.

We crossed the Tacoma Narrows bridge as the 10K bridge run was happening. I had secretly hoped to do this race, but figured it would be a slim chance we could leave Portland in time. Either way, it was cool to see runners going over the bridge. 

We got to the cabin around 10 a.m. after a few stops at the grocery store and Target (forgot my unders!) and within no time, we were helping chainsaw and gather wood for my grams' morning fires. 

Think she planned to wear the Michigan sweatshirt for Pete's arrival? I forgot to ask.

All "work" at the cabin ends by noon, so after tuna melts for lunch, it was nap time. Eventually, I woke up to run 6 miles of hills in the heat. The manfriend politely declined for more napping. 

After a rough run (legs like lead and an overall feeling of exhaustion), I returned to camp and gramps took us out sailing. There are few things more relaxing than napping on the sailboat seats in the sun, I tell ya.

Wearing dorky hats is required. 

And sunset that eve wasn't too shabby as we finished dinner on the deck. (Their kitchen is outdoor under an awning and all cooking happens on a propane camp stove or the BBQ.)

Sunday morning, we set out in search of Banner Forest for our 12 miler. Gramps is trying not to look "posed."

An hour later, we found it!

In these parts, everything is hilly and Banner Forest was a bit hilly, but beautiful with lots of fun loops for runners and mt. bikers. 

Promise, there were hills

I'll be honest, I was kind of over this run by mile 8, but I trudged on until we hit 1 hr 45 min of running, which was about 11 miles. Close enough in my books and by no means an 'easy' run. 

Looking better than I felt

Afterward, we hurried to wipe off and change clothes in the car before heading to meet Jean & Art for lunch at their favorite spot, the Tides Tavern in Gig Harbor. If you're ever in the area, it's a must stop. Good food, good beer and great views of ships coming in and out of the harbor. If I lived nearby, I would most definitely be a regular. 

Gramps showing us to the perfect parking spot.

Cute little couple and happy to share a basket of sweet potato fries with two sweaty runners

After sufficiently stuffing ourselves, it was back to camp for some more napping and water fun. My youngest brother Max arrived with a few friends and promptly took them out on the water. 

Meet my new boyfriend, Muscles!

Our short stay ended Monday morning with this glorious sunrise over the water as my grandma and I sat by the fire.

We hit the road around 10 a.m. to try and beat some of the crazy traffic as we had about a six hour drive ahead of us. When I wasn't driving, I was either hungry as a beast or napping. Guess all those hills wore me out!

The manfriend and I made a quick stop at the Nike Employee Store where we had a pass to use and snagged a few good deals on running clothes - new sports bra, tank and pair of Lunarglides for me! By the time we got home around 5, we were both pretty groggy from the drive. So, I prescribed a strong dose of water chugging and an easy 5 mile run along Pre's Trail. And what do you know, it worked like a charm. 

We both agreed it's time to step up our nutrition game in these last important weeks of training for Chicago. I'm going to be more strict on meals and snacks (mostly limiting desserts, processed food and alcohol) for both of us, and boost veggies, protein and water. 

So there you have it, our relaxing, but very full weekend in paradise. I feel so lucky that my family has been able to share this place thanks to my great grandparents who originally bought the property. Fun fact: my parents got married here and had a BBQ potluck for their meal afterward!

Do you have a special spot that's close to your heart?


Your grandparents are seriously so adorable. Sounds like you had a great weekend. You look great in that photo taken after the tough run - you have the prettiest blue eyes!

My parents' lake home is definitely close to my heart. I hate living so far away as I used to go there 1-2 weekends a month. My pulse always slows when I get there and time sort of stands still - or become irrelevant. I love lake weekends.
Amber said…
Looks amazing!!! I know 6 hours is by no means "close" but it's so great you have such an amazing little oasis relatively close to you guys. Looks and sounds like a really fun and relaxing weekend!
Lindsey said…
Your weekend looks like it was so fun and relaxing. It's awesome you get to spend that time with your grandparents. And fun that your parents got married there!
Elizabeth said…
Oh this is great! What a wonderful trip and your grandpa is adorable. Looked beautiful and with the perfect mix of good food, beautiful food, water options and trails!

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