Waffles and Wedding

Welp, lookee there, it's been a week since I last blogged. Quite frankly, I don't know where the week went. Time has been FLYING by. Perhaps the fact that our wedding is LESS than two weeks away has something to do with it??

No biggie. Either stuff will get done, or it won't. End of story. Not freaking out {except when companies don't ship things when they say they will}.

Let's talk about waffles for a moment because I've been enjoying them. 

First up, we have Kashi blueberry waffles with almond butter, banana and cinnamon on top. Great post Saturday morning run fuel! 

Secondly, we have scrambled eggs (+ veg) and waffles at home. Followed the recipe for once. Pete doesn't like it when I stray from a recipe, which is about 99% of the time. 

Now let's hop back to last weekend and my bachelorette party in Portland. A group of some of my close girlfriends got together for a day/night of fun, including a short hike, pedicures, dinner, drinks and dancing. 

The girls rented a two bedroom suite that was within walking distance of a lot of things we wanted to do, so it worked out well. Plus, the weather was gorgeous for time spent outside. 

We even made time to stop and smell the roses (literally) in the Rose Garden.

For dinner, we went to Matador because I requested good Mexican food. Not only is the food good, but I love the space, including the open air factor. 


Part of the group...

I really was trying to pick something small and healthy from the menu (I chose the chicken and green chile tamale), but somehow ended up with this massive plate of goodness. That paired with happy hour nachos and margaritas made for one FULL belly!

Roll me home

Back at the hotel, the girls had organized a little lingerie shower and then we got ready to head out for the rest of the evening. There were a few more drinks and a lot of laughs had. Luckily, you only get married once because Sunday was spent recovering from that long night of fun.

Coffee? Yes, please. 

Love brick buildings and little white tables & chairs

I'll leave you with this photo from my friend Jackie. Stunner shades, water and all. 

My quads hurt the next day. Apparently dancing in 3" wedges for a few hours will do that to a girl...

I was touched by all the thought and planning that went into the weekend. It was really nice of my girlfriends to make it all happen and spend the day and evening in Ptown.

I've been meaning to write a post on what it feels like to be getting married. It's just an interesting process both in planning for the event and mentally preparing for this next step. So, stay tuned.

On the running front: Running is making me extra tired, but it's keeping me sane. More to come.


Amber said…
Aw sounds like your girlfriends put on an AMAZING bachelorette for you! I have my best friends bachelorette this Saturday evening and I'm really looking forward to it - we're going to the Taylor Swift concert!

One of my good friends from university is getting married on Sunday and I took her out for dinner last week because I'm missing her bachelorette due to being away this weekend and she just said she felt "weird". I think it can be such a STRESSFUL event to plan and you know you should feel excited but yet there is so much going on and so much stimulation it's hard to totally feel "excited" until closer to the big day. I know you'll have an AMAZING wedding though! Thinking about you lots and wish we could have been there!
That sounds like such a fun bachelorette party! And that mexican food looks so so good! I am so glad you had a fun night out with good friends. You look adorable in that picture you posted. And I love the day after coffee pic!

I can't believe how fast your wedding is approaching. I know everything will all come together and you will have a beautiful, amazing day.
Your Bachelorette party looked like so much fun! I remember really enjoying mine. We had our make up done and went out for sushi before hitting up the bars. It was definitely a fun night to remember.
The thought of getting married is weird. I remember being 30 days away, then 2 weeks, then single digits....it was just all very surreal feeling.

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