A Challenge of Sorts

The weeks are flying by around here. Nothing too new about that! 

Monday night, Lindsey and I met up for a bike ride. Neither of us have been cycling much, so it was definitely a challenge to complete 25 miles.

We opted for a fairly flat route with one of our favorite roads with rolling hills. The cow pastures and quiet, country roads make it pretty serene.  

This ride was all about the wind, sunshine and tired legs.

We stopped about halfway so I could scarf down my Power Bar and Nuun water. I could feel myself getting weak from lack of fuel.

I don't know about you, but I like to say hi to the cows when I ride by. And if I'm with the manfriend, I moo at them. No joke.

I have to say, I felt pretty lucky to be celebrating Earth Day by riding with a friend and just enjoying the landscape.

Yesterday, I put myself up to a different kind of challenge. I rode the bus to work!

I've worked at the University for seven years and have avoided taking the bus to work because I thought it would take too much time, it's unfamiliar and would be a hassle. And because I'm usually hauling a few bags with me and/or have plans to go somewhere after work.

With Tuesday being my rest(ish) day, it was the perfect time to try it. I got on at 7:35 just a block from my house, made one transfer at the downtown Eugene station and got dropped off two blocks from work. The trip took about 35 minutes and was free thanks to my University ID card.

Best of all, I was able to read a book and relax on my commute. The trip home was equally as handy. Bottom line, riding the bus in Tracktown isn't so bad. It just takes a little planning.

On the running front: I have to admit that it feels a bit weird not to be running the Eugene Marathon this year. While I know it was the right decision not to sign up, it's a bit strange not to be running a marathon in your own city.

Alas, I'm hoping these legs are up for a long run, because they'll likely be seeing some miles along the course. In a sheer moment of loco, I almost decided to sign up last week. Like somehow running one 18 miler, four weeks ago has prepared me for 26.2...

Did you do anything special for Earth Day? Have you challenged yourself lately? As someone who likes playing in the safe zone, even something as simple as riding the bus for the first time was a challenge. I could seriously benefit from stretching my boundaries more often. 


missris said…
I know you probably saw my overly long comment on Instagram but I ride the bus (I also work at a university so my ride is free) and it's awesome. I love to read or listen to podcasts, and I never have to stress about traffic or parking. It's a nice buffer between my work day and my regular life, and I relish the opportunity to decompress. Hooray for public transportation!
J said…
I wish i could ride the bus to work. We have an annual ride the bus to work day here in town so last year I looked to see if I could do it since there is a bus stop about 0.5 miles from my house. But it would take over over 2 hours to get to work with three bus transfers. It just did not seem worth it.
Raina said…
The bus system in Eugene is pretty fantastic. I used it a lot as a UO student commuting to W Eugene for work- when I didn't take my bike :)

Looks like a fantastic riding day! 25 miles is a good jaunt for someone who doesn't ride all the time. It calls for plenty of snacks!
I loved using the bus when I worked at EWU. It was also free and saved me thousands in gas money since my commute was over 40 miles round trip. It was also nice to not have to drive when it was snowing. Now my commute is only 2.5 miles so I drive.
Amber said…
I am starting to take the bus to work a few times a week since Eric and I share a vehicle and now that he's done school for the summer he will need the car more (I always drove to work and he took the bus to school). Honestly I REALLY enjoy taking the bus to work, it's a way more relaxing start to the day then driving for me!
I used to ride the bus when I lived in the suburbs and I actually didn't mind it. I always used that time to read or catch up on personal emails, which was nice. I like the flexibility of being able to walk to work more, but riding a bus isn't too bad. Good for you for trying something new!

That bike ride looks and sounds wonderful. I love that you moo at the cows when you are with manfriend!

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