Slow down, get strong, listen

What's up Wednesday? 
Monday, I was feeling pretty run down. Instead of doing my usual workouts, I skipped the cardio, did an upper body strength workout and called it a day. Miraculously, I felt 10x better on Tuesday. It never gets easy to remember that slowing down helps the body get stronger and faster.

Get Strong
We're now on week 2 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp, which lasts 8 weeks.

I was excited when Tina originally offered bootcamp for just $25 several months back, but I was in the midst of marathon training and doing plenty of my own strength, speed and circuit work. This time, however, I thought it would be a fun way to change up my strength routine at an affordable price and you have the opportunity to win prizes and connect with other bootcampers via the facebook group.

During bootcamp, in addition to doing the workouts, I'm focusing on a few health/wellness goals:
1) eat minimal to no processed foods
2) write more in my journal and
3) get enough sleep (but that's hard to do with the Olympics on right now).

It's crazy what happens when you tell yourself something or write it down and make a commitment.

The hardest exercise so far of our workouts has been hands down, the one leg sit stand.

The video below shows it pretty well, but after doing three sets of 12 on one leg before switching to the other side, you can just feel your butt and inner thighs shaking. I can tell this is also great for strengthening the knee stabilizing muscles so hopefully I keep this one in the rotation after bootcamp is over.

Since I no longer have a radio in my car, if I want to listen to music or the radio, I bring my ipod.

A few days ago I downloaded some recent episodes of This American Life and Radiolab. And then I found the Strong, Sexy & Stylish podcasts via Sally McGraw (Already Pretty) whose fashion/body blog I read.

On my bike ride to work yesterday, I listened to a great one on body snarking. I highly recommend it.

It brought me back to my women and gender studies classes and the continuous thoughts I have about my body or others'. It's a good reminder to keep that in check and focus on the positive.

Do you have a favorite podcast? The hardest exercise or strength move you've ever done?

On an Olympic note, what's your favorite sport? I can't get enough of the diving, swimming and gymnastics.


missris said…
Now that I've started swimming laps (um, kind of, not that it's even close to what the olympians do) I love to watch the swimming!
I can't get enough of the Olympics period. I love watching everything. My body hates me for the lack of sleep I have gotten over the last couple of days, but it is worth it. I can't wait for the running events.
Meredith said…
gymnastics! is so much fun to watch and every event is so different from the last, which makes the gymnasts that much more impressive!
Cynthia said…
My favourite sports to watch would be gymnastics, swimming and equestrian. I was at the men's gymnastics team final the other night, and the atmosphere was AWESOME. I also got to watch dressage on Saturday, and am off to the Olympic Park for some women's field hockey on this Saturday. The entire town has been buzzing, and I can't wait to go in the park :)

I'm also slightly envious of your bootcamp workout. I'm usually a regular devotee to British Military Fitness, but have been out from running/BMF for the past month after rolling my ankle :/
My favorite are gymnastics, track & field, and swimming! I am so behind on the olympics. I have been DVR'ing everything but I don't know how I will catch up. I know the results of some things so I am not sure how much I will go back and watch.. We'll see. I have had a packed schedule lately and it just doesn't leave enough time for watching the olympics!!

I can't think of the hardest strength training move, but the hardest class I've done is a bootcamp style class at a yoga studio. There were tons of burpees and mountain climbers and planks. I about died.
I love This American Life and Radio Lab. I also listen to the Moth, Car Talk and Savage Love (kind of silly, but a fun way to pass the time!) Also StoryCorps is really good, but the stories are really short (like 5 minutes each!)
J said…
This post is perfect - I have been looking for a few new ideas for strength stuff. I am loving watching archery - saw it last night during some hours of Olympics we had DVR'd from a few days ago. I also love the swimming and track of course! can't wait for the marathon!
Run Jess Run said… I write this comment, I'm watching the women's 200m back semi. I've gotten very little sleep this week!

I love This American Life! I always seem to catch some of the broadcast when I'm driving home from a work function. It always makes you think.

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