Felt Like Summer

Another weekend in the books that officially felt like summer! You know, the kind of summer you had as a kid. 

We drove over to Central Oregon Saturday morning after I had cranked out about 7 miles to camp and look at more wedding venues. Mixing a little summer fun with work made it much more enjoyable. The venue searching can be fun, but is also stressful when all you can think about is the $$$. 

Why do dogs love sticking their entire heads out the window so much? Ridiculous.

My parents' campsite outside of Sisters, OR. They have a trailer (not shown), which makes camping more convenient, especially for meal prep and sleeping, but we brought our tent. 

Dueling bikes! Dad on the dirt bike and Pete on the mountain bike. 

The manfriend and I checked out a few new venues to both of us and a few that my mom and I had already looked at. Honestly, they all have good qualities about them, but I'm not sure if one of them is calling to me at the moment. 

Loved this big deck and the adirondak chairs!

Big open lawn for ceremony, festivities, etc.

Overall, it was a good process and I'm really glad that I had set up appointments at a few locations. I feel like we have a better idea of what we want, but am still not certain on anything.

We really want our guests to be nearby and not go home after the reception or to a hotel across town.  And we'd love to have most of the party continue on after the reception. I think that has a lot to do with location of hotel in proximity to the venue, the guests and the nearby establishments.

On the running front: Last week was a step back week for me because my body needed it and this week will probably be fairly steady, but not high mileage as we leave for the midwest on Wednesday!

Sunday we stopped along the McKenzie River Trail on our way home for a short run. I had Jonah on the leash, which I do NOT recommend (she was trying to keep up with Pete who was ahead of us). We lasted about 4.2 miles, which was fine for me and exhausting for her. Not as much time on the trail as I would have hoped, but something is better than nothing!

My goal while we're on vacation is to run almost daily, knowing that my runs won't be super long OR hilly, but that I'm keeping my mileage up. Less than three weeks until the 50K!

Best summer memory as a kid? My mom is an elementary school so I have many fond memories of fun outings we'd do because she was home - to the cabin, the county fair, the pool. Oh and riding bikes with friends to each others' houses.


Those pictures are gorgeous! What a beautiful area! I am glad you are getting a better idea of what you both want. I hope you find a venue that has everything you are looking for - and a price tag you can swallow!

My favorite summer memories as a kid are definitely times spent at the lake. My grandparents had a lake cabin where we'd all gather in the summer. I had so much fun swimming with my cousins. A bunch of people had August birthdays so we'd have a big birthday bash which usually involved dirt cake. mmmm.
missris said…
Love the pictures--that looks like a great weekend! My parents are both teachers so they had the summers off with us, and we would take epic, month-long roadtrips. I have so many good memories from those trips.
Cute dog and great picture! I would have loved to have gotten married in Central Oregon. It is so beautiful there and I love the smell of the fresh air there. It just smells different (is that weird?!). :-)
That looks like a great weekend! I love that area; it's so beautiful. I hope that you find a place soon, but it's good that you are not rushing things and that you can get a feel of what you want.
Leigh said…
Those pictures make me want to come to Oregon to check it out! Harley loves sticking his head out the window too. Silly dogs!

I got a few workouts in on our vacation, but it was hard as two solid days were spent driving, so that limited how many times I could work out.
Amber said…
Looks like a fun weekend! We went camping last weekend too and it was awesome. I got zero workouts in though so good for you for getting a few in :)

Glad the venue shopping went well! I hope something calls out to you soon, I'm sure it will :)
Lindsey said…
I was hoping that you were able to find the perfect wedding venue this weekend. At least you know more of what you are looking for now.

Enjoy your vacation!
Nay Mah said…
what an amazing post...i love your blog...please check out my new blog http://naymahsworld.blogspot.com & lets follow each other:-)
I can only imagine how gorgeous some of these mid-Oregon venues are... :) Perfect combo to camp & search around - makes me miss the Rockies in the summer!

Summer memories: a LOT of pool-time, popsicles & fruit, and one summer trip every year with the fam.

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