Weekend in Photos

When does pizza NOT sound good? Um, never.

Drinks with friends to see a friend who plays the violin in a country/folk band

Doggie walk 

Mr. Handyman fixing our washer!

Bike ride to the store for cookie supplies for said handyman

Busting out the Kitchenaid for this AMAZING non healthy cookie recipe

Kicking my feet as part of my physical therapy exercises to improve my upper glute strength

It was a busy, but fun weekend around these parts. I had some good runs, tasty food (ahem chocolate chip cookies and pizza), and couch time. Here's to a good week ahead!

Did anyone catch you with a good April Fool's joke? I saw several floating throughout the blog world and on facebook, but I was already suspecting it. 


missris said…
I'm glad April Fool's Day was on Sunday this year because I wasn't online for very long at all yesterday, and thus less likely to fall for jokes. I somehow am always fooled.
Raquelita said…
I love the color of your KtichenAid!

I actually was able to pull a FB April Fool's on a couple of people. For once, I was ready for the day. :)
I did not see any April Fool's pranks, and I am glad because I hate April Fool's Day! I didn't really talk to people on the day, though. I went to church and then studied all day and stayed in last night! :)

Looks like a wonderful weekend! Love the headlamp photo of man friend!
Ricole Runs said…
Pizza and cookies sounds like a FABULOUS weekend! I'm sad it's over!
J said…
I feel like there were less april fools jokes this year maybe because it was on a Sunday. And I had pizza on Friday but I could eat it everyday!
Sounds like an awesome weekend! I had a really great weekend but it was also super busy. hoping this weekend is quieter!
Especially THAT pizza! Um, wow - yum!
I like your Kitchenaid. I have never seen a blue one! Its fun!

Pizza is always good. There is a place near my house that only serves one kind each day and the line is always way out the door...I am going there on Friday and I can't wait! It's such a nice treat! Luckily the line moves fast since you can only order one thing!

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