Salad Slingin'

I am one of those people who has an idea for a recipe (pizza, oatmeal, salad, etc) and then just totally throws that idea out of whack by dumping a whole bunch of extras on it.

Well, last week, I stuck to my guns. I really wanted to make a spinach, chicken, apple, walnut, goat cheese sandwich salad. So what happened? We had a spinach, chicken, green apple, pecan, cranberry, goat cheese salad and it was delicious!

See? I stuck to my guns (for the most part) and it was a win.

What else happened? We ran out of salad dressing so I made up my own with: a little olive oil, balsamic, rice vinegar, cracked pepper, and lemon juice. It was okay, but mostly I was just glad I had the ingredients to make a halfway decent dressing.

Proof of previous salad mess.

Don't think the haphazard salad won't ever happen again, but it's fun to see what happens when you stick with a plan. 

Are you a recipe follower or a more go with the flow kind of cook?


Carole said…
You might like this bacon and asparagus salad
Yum, that salad looks delicious!

I am a total recipe follower. I do not like doing my own thing at all. I did make my own salad dressing when I was in Paris, and it actually turned out super good, though!
Jessica J said…
I think your salad looks AH-mazing! I have to follow recipes, I definitely don't try my still-developing palate yet. Maybe someday though, when I have been doing this for years.
Redhead Running said…
I am all over that salad! Well done!
Wow, that salad looks so delicious!

I'm definitely a stick-to-the-recipe kind of girl. If I stay off the path, I always mix the wrong flavors and ruin a (once) appetizing meal!
Both salads look good to me! It depends on what I am making; I can go either way with recipes. If I am baking, I follow them. Most other cooking/dishes, I just throw in what I want and call it a day!
Anonymous said…
I totally have a thing against recipes! I never use them. That's probably why I don't bake... In my opinion, baking is the only time amounts of things matter. Yummy looking salad!
J said…
I never seem to have enough ingredients for a salad. We usually have tomatoes and spinach and carrots but thats about it. I need to get better at throwing together salads!
Christine said…
Love your blog! Seems like we have similar interests. I'm doing a "40 Days Fit" series for Lent if you would like to take a look! Keep up the good work (and running!)
The only recipes we "need" to follow exactly are the baking ones, right?? ;)

Salads are the perfect meal to modify - anything you throw on there will be just fine, per your taste-buds. I think they both look tasty.

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