Christmas Eve Mushrooms

You know those recipes that sound fun to make, but are most suitable for parties? Well, I've been wanting to make Kath's stuffed mushroom recipes so I figured Christmas Eve would be the perfect opportunity - fun and festive and I wouldn't be tempted to eat them all.

The process was fairly easy: rinse and dry mushrooms, remove stems, combine goat cheese mixture and stuff, bake for 30 minutes. But of course it always takes much longer than you think it will. 

They were definitely hit! Both the lemon almond honey and the bacon sage goat cheese stuffed mushrooms were gone by the end of the night.

A few more photos of the night's festivities...

And now the brothers and I have watched Yes, Virginia (there is a Santa Claus) - adorable, Charlie Brown Christmas and some of The Santa Claus. Time to get some shut eye before Santa Claus comes to town!

On the running front: I scheduled a run date with my high school friend (and European travel buddy) Annie this morning. We did 6 together and I did another 3 on my own running to and from her house. It's so much more fun to run with other people!


I hope you and Annie had a great run together. Those mushrooms look awesome! I love stuff mushrooms. I am thinking of making them this weekend for our NYE gathering at the lake.

Also, your grandparents are adorable. :)
There's no such thing as too many mushrooms, I could eat them daily. Yours look delish!

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