Wordless Wednesday

(or not)

I have good intentions of just posting a photo, but it's rare I don't have something to say.
Kristin and I took full advantage of the photo booth at the cocktail party on Friday night of the Healthy Living Summit. The props made my somewhat awkward 'what the heck should I be doing?' poses seem a little more entertaining.

I'm wiped. Taking this first taper week (before the 50K) easy wasn't too hard seeing as how there are more than enough things on my to do list right now.

Vacuuming, mopping, organizing, scrubbing the bathtub - all chores I recommend NOT doing late at night after a work day.

After taking two days off running, I'm itching to get in a good run tomorrow before a few solid weekend runs. In the mean time, I've been staying loyal to cross training with hot yoga and Lifeforce Fitness. Our guests arrive tomorrow and I'm more than ready to kick off this labor day weekend right!

When you're prepping for something big, do you stress yourself out to the max to get it all done or just say 'I'll do what I can and not worry about the rest?"


I usually stress myself out when preparing for guests or something like that... But when I was preparing for the Ambers, I told myself I would get as much done as I could and figure out the rest when they got here (or be ok with my house not being spotless). Plus Amber really encouraged me to not stress myself out! So I didn't. :)

Enjoy your weekend guests! It si so fun to have visitors!
I would say this week has had me "stressed out to the max" fo sho. I wanted to have the "not worried about it" attitude, but it wasn't really an option ;)

Cuuute photobooth shots, looks like fun!

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