Crazy Lazy or Crazy Busy?

Holy weekend exhaustion!

This weekend was a serious mix of running, work (more for the manfriend than myself), fun and more work. It was the last weekend before the manfriend's brother visits so we're hustling to get through some projects. Even though it's hard work, it always feels nice to cross off a ton of projects we've been wanting to do.

Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 am to start my long run by 7:30. I cranked out 18 sweaty miles on the road, ice bathed, fueled and showered before we were on our way to Portland. We were bound for Taylor's housewarming party and my first sighting and holding of my friend Jessica's baby (Tay and Jess are both high school friends)!

The last time I had seen her, she looked like this:
I didn't think to snap a photo of Evelyn. I guess I was too busy holding her or asking questions.

Don't mind the tired eyes. I always need a nap after a long run, but there wasn't time on Saturday. Places to go! People to see!

Last weekend while I was at Healthy Living Summit, someone so generously removed my stereo from my car and took it with them. So I've been radio and air conditioner free this past week.
Still not sure if I want to replace the stereo, but I really miss having music or NPR to listen to on the way to work and for longer car trips.

Sunday, I did another 10 miles, half of it on trail and half on road. Then I came home to help the manfriend with more project fun. Yesterday's tasks - painting indoor trim, concrete pavers (purchasing, leveling, etc), cleaning/organizing spare bedroom, laundry, gardening and cleaning the fridge.

And finally, a little foodie fun. For whatever reason, I was starving every hour and nothing we had seemed to hit the spot. I decided to whip up a random batch of hummus that turned into BBQ stylin' hummus!
Ingredients: 1 can garbanzo beans, 3 cloves garlic, 1/2 cup black beans, basil and rosemary from the garden!, 2 sundried tomatoes, 2-3 T olive oil, 2 T BBQ Sauce (Trader Joe's) and a little water.

Hit. the. spot.

Was your weekend craaazy busy or craaazy lazy? I'm looking for a craaazy lazy weekend real soon, but I'll probably have to wait until after October 9 for that. I'm so ready for a sleep in, lazy day.


Leigh said…
I had a mixture of both this weekend. Did a longer run on Sunday and watched movies/tv all afternoon/night on Saturday. It was perfect!

That sucks about your stereo...did they break the locks or window to get in?
You guys are all over that DIY stuff! Before/after pics??

And omg, how fun is it to go visit friend + baby?? :) I did the opposite of you, and took almost 70 pictures in 3 days. Ha, whoa.
Liz said…
My weekend was super busy with workouts and to-do lists, but when coworkers asked me what I did this weekend, I answered 'not much'. Makes no sense, but sort of does, you know?
BBQ sauce! Crap! That's what i forgot to pick up at TJ's yesterday. Good thing I'll be back in November :)

Looks like a great weekend!!
Looks like a busy but fun weekend! Most of my weekends have been very very busy lately and not super relaxing, but I hope that changes. Not sure when it will since I am gone the first 3 weekends of Sept! Granted, hopefully there is some downtime on those weekends, but I really just need a weekend home. Alone. That won't happen until after Victoria, though! I have something going on every weekend between now and then!!

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