Chocolate Crinkles

One of my favorite childhood bakeries makes THE BEST chocolate "crackles" ever. My obsession started early and I"m actually surprised that I hadn't tried to make them before yesterday! If you're ever in Corvallis, OR, you NEED New Morning Bakery in your life. Trust me on this.

I googled recipes and ended up choosing this one from Joy of Baking because it didn't contain too much butter or sugar. As much as I bake, I'm trying to be a wee bit more conscious about how much these recipes call for and choosing one over the other if it sounds equally as enticing.

These chocolatey snowballs of goodness went into the oven like this (about the size of a donut hole)...

and came out like this! They were just slightly larger with most of the powdered sugar absorbed. Not what I was expecting at all.

However, before I judged them by appearance, I popped one in my mouth to taste test. While they are small, they taste great! Just slightly sweet, chocolatey and moist.

I'm not sure if their miniature size was due to fact that I did something funky or that I used 1 real egg and 1 "flax egg." Perhaps that's how they were supposed to be?

I highly suggest repowdering sugar all over these babies. While I was a bit disappointed these didn't have the crackle effect that I love so much, they turned out. And the small size is most likely a blessing in disguise. After all, I won't feel so guilty for having three in a row.

And because this weekend wasn't sinful enough already...

If you haven't made Jessica's Baked Parmesan Spaghetti, you need to. It's a very simple recipe and if you're capable of making spaghetti, trust me, you can do this! And even if you don't have parmesan and fresh basil, you should still make it. I did.

Recommendation: workout approximately 2 hours for each recipe shown above.


Lindsey said…
Oh holla. Those look spectacular. I make a double-chocolate-fudge brownie cookie at work, but have never heard of crackles, or crinkles for that matter. YUM.
I think my mom made those when we were growing up, but I think they went by another name? And she would sometimes press a walnut into them when they were baking? Or before? Can't remember. Def tasty cookies!

And that spaghetti dish looks awesome! I wonder if it would be good using daiya cheese.. I am all about pasta bakes like that!
Haha, nice rec at the bottom ;)

I'm starting to think I need fresh basil in EVERYTHING. I bought a tasty batch a few days ago and I can't get over how much better it makes even the simplest dish taste. Both of the above look deeelicious.

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