Running takes a back seat (temporarily)

This weekend, out of no real intention, running took a back seat. Friday, I managed to hit the pool for 25 min of aqua jogging and 15 min of lap swimming to work on that tight hamstring.

Saturday morning, I fit in an early 2.5 mi run with the dog before setting off to see my mom. Later that evening, I squeezed in 15 miles on the bike in an hour before manfriend and I jetted off to a dinner party.

And Sunday, well, I was set to do a long run with the group. But manfriend, as nice as he is, wanted to go riding with me. Since my long run was being abandoned, I demanded we ride long and incorporate hills. That we did. The weather was nice so I didn't have to wear crazy layers, which I love.

We passed a big lake, went up some hills, saw a few deer and wild turkey, took a wrong turn, stopped to use the restroom and grab fuel, contemplated eating lunch and finally, made it home.

After several hours of riding (4+), we arrived home famished with 46 miles of pavement behind us. The rest of the day was pretty much shot because I felt like a zombie. I did however, manage to cook up a mean lasagna. More about that later...


aron said…
looks like a beautiful day to be out on a ride!! nice job :)
Looks like a beautiful day of riding!! 46 miles - wow, that's far! I would like to start doing more biking, but that would require me to actually buy a bike since I don't own one... I think it'd be a good cross training activity for me, though.
Anonymous said…
46 miles?!! Goooood lord, that's impressive. :) Love your bici, it's beautiful! I haven't made the transition to clip-in pedals yet...they sort of terrify me.

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