Lunch dates, feet and salad wraps

Today I took a day off from work just because I could. Sometimes, it's exactly what the doctor ordered. Know what I mean?

On top of that, I had a very important luncheon planned with two girlfriends and a pedicure appointment. These things are soul soothing. If you haven't had one lately (a pedicure or lunch date), I highly suggest you schedule one.

My lunch dates...

I chose the french tip style today because I know I can't do it on my own and honestly, I just crave it when the weather gets nice. It's hard to take pretty pics of wide frog type feet.

Speaking of which, my frogish feet have been putting me in a bind lately. This is probably the third or so time it's really flared up in the past three years. Basically, I have a bunionette on the outside of my foot, which is generally caused from wide feet being mashed into too narrow shoes. Thanks for the wide feet, dad!

Trust me, if it were avoidable, I'd try harder. But as it is, I purchase wide running shoes, wear Danskos several times a week and sometimes go up a 1/2 to whole size larger in non running shoes just so the width doesn't strangle my tootsies. Does anyone else have this problem?

Don't even get me started on trying to find cute (ish) work/fun shoes. It's impossible. My Danskos aren't even wide enough for my feet, but they're better than a lot of brands.

Alas, it doesn't help when I'm running a lot because it means the foot gets a lot of rubbing along the side of my shoes for long periods of time. And seeing as how I will be ramping up the mileage shortly to prepare for the Portland Marathon, sassy would like her feet (and left hamstring) to cooperate.

Doesn't all this foot talk make you hungry for dinner? Ha! Tonight, I'm whipping up thai salad wraps with peanut sauce for din din! Mmm...


I call them "mental health days" - definitely needed here 'n there. :) Those feet deserve some pampering! Summer marathon training will not be so nice to them.
Kayla said…
I was actually talking to my mom last night - all the women in my family have bunions that are varying degrees of hideous, and she just found out that to get hers fixed (necessary for both feet due to pain), she'll be on crutches for six weeks and in a boot for four weeks per foot! Makes me want to go out and buy more sensible shoes before mine get any worse. But maybe I'll just take a cue from you and get a pedicure in the meantime!

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