Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm still recovering from Wednesday's boot camp that involved far too many dumb bell squats to overhead presses, leaving my inner thighs quite sore. And then there was yesterday's daily double run where I fit in a 25 min run in the am + 25 min session AND a 40 min run w/ some tempo during the lunch hour.

So, on to fun fact Friday.

1. I'm going to attempt to ride my bike to work all of next week because it's bike commute week in OR. I've signed up through and every day you log miles, you're entered to win some great prizes at local eateries, bike shops, etc. Once the weather gets sunny, I try to ride the bike to work at least two times a week. Are you bike commuting?

2. One of my best friends and running buddies, Kristin, is graduating from law school next week and leaving Eugene for good. While I'm beyond proud of her and excited for her new adventure in Nashville, it's really hard to let people go. On the other hand, I now have an excuse to go to Nashville, one of my favorite cities.

3. I'm getting pretty stoked for June's Helvetia 1/2 Marathon. I kind of feel like I'm gonna rock it. Although, I've yet to check the course profile. Perhaps I should see how hilly it's going to be before I start boasting about a speedy time...

4. Participating in the Dress Your Best week from the chics, was a good learning experience. One in which I realize a) my creativity just does not happen when I try to pick out an outfit in one minute every morning b) we should look more at our bodies and how they serve us rather than scold every damn part that's not perfect c) don't settle for outfits you don't'll notice it all day d) i could use some pants that are better suited for my 5'3" curvy figure.

5. I tried to go to the newest donut shop in town this morning to get donuts for the office. When I got to the location, they had no sign identifying their business, but a handwritten note that said "Voodoo Donuts not open until 2pm on Friday. Sorry!" Um, seriously, how can a donut shop not be open in the morning on a Friday?

While I should have taken that as my sign not to get donuts, I remained determined. I went to the local vegan donut shop that was still on my way to work and picked up a nice selection of goodies because they were OPEN. However, being a small business, they only take cash or check. I had no check book and $1 in cash. The cashier let me take the donuts and simply said "Don't worry about it. Just come back later today and pay." Only in Eugene...

What are your Fun Facts for today?


Ok, I Love the story at the end. Seriously, that would not happen everywhere, and for that very reason I would go there often to support them (but not so often that it busts the waistline...just sayin ;) ).

Have a good weekend!!
Wow - I can't imagine a store trusting you like that! that is awesome. But yah - you can't not have a donut shop open in the a.m.!!

It is hard to say good bye when friends move away!! One of my good friends moved to NYC almost 2 years ago. It's so sad when we all get together & she's not there, but it's a fact of life I guess. :( But like you said - it's nice to have friends to visit in fun cities!!
Oh - and my fun facts! :)

1. I have never dyed my hair at home. I am paranoid that I would mess up & it's turn out purple or would fall out... So instead I suck it up & pay a pretty penny to have a professional do it.

2. I did not like the color pink until I went to college. My mom would try to buy me pink stuff in high school and I would refuse to wear it. Now pink is my favorite color - but I am not as obsessed with it as I was in college!

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