Another good (but fly-by-fast) weekend in the books!

Yesterday, I set out on a long (ish) run since I knew today would be marathon spectating madness. In all honesty, it is not a good idea to set out on a long run 1 hr after having about four pumpkin/banana pancakes. But, I kept telling myself that I could take walking breaks in just another 5 min or after the song finished.

Sometimes, you've just gotta give it up to the running gods and believe that walking is best for your unhappy tummy. Might tight hammies didn't mind either. I finally let myself walk back in the door when the Garmin clicked over to 9 miles. Long run, done.

Afterward, I set out for a six year old's birthday party and then on to errands spying on all the marathon runners in town. I made a stop at Nike, a local shoe store and the Eugene Marathon expo. The expo was much smaller than the ones I'm used to (Portland, San Diego, Nashville), but then again MUCH larger than Whidbey Island's.

That being said, I must say that Eugene definitely has the cutest race shirt. Technical fabric AND a cute design is hard to come by with race shirts for some reason. So way to go, Eugene. It seemed to me that there were a lot of local businesses at the expo and not so many national ones trying to get their product out there.

This being just the fourth year of the Eugene marathon, I imagine the bigger companies will jump on board in the next few years. You know racers LOVE samples at the expos, so I tried the SO Delicious coconut milk and a blueberry smoothie they made with it. Mmm...

I may have also stopped by a local shoe store and picked up these shoes fit for a five year old. I don't care. I love me some casual, comfy no socks kind of shoes. Sometimes I feel guilty buying shoes that are not a) for work or b) for running, but ultimately I know these puppies will be worn!

Friday (and Saturday) night we had chicken burritos. I love meals that last two nights. Last night we enjoyed ours while watching The Hurt Locker, which was a long and tense movie.

Near the end I just had to get up and do some things (wash dishes, get the bike gear out for marathon spectating) because I can't stand sitting for 2+ hrs straight.

Today, the weather was sunny and perfect (IMO) for the 1/2 and full marathoners. But more details about that TOMORROW! Meanwhile, the flowers manfriend planted last weekend are enjoying the sunshine.

And Jonah, she's ready for dinner. Not gonna lie, so am I. After a 30 mile bike ride in the sun, I've been famished the last few hours.

See ya tomorrow for a spectator's view of the Eugene Marathon!


Anonymous said…
With the smaller races it's kind of nice to see the local shops represented! This is a great time of year for a race too, you have winter training that leads into the Spring - ah, so much better than winter on winter. ;)

Nice ride, too! I'm finally able to comprehend bike-distances. 30 miles will Definitely leave ya famished :)
I love going to the expo - there is always so much excitement & anticipation. The energy of the Twin Cities Marathon expo last year def convinced me that I needed to register for another marathon!

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