where did the weekend go?

Saturday was tailgating and football success. After running into work for a few hrs, man friend arrived back at the house just in time to help me load tailgating supplies into the car as the rain came down. Tailgating in the rain is not necessarily my idea of fun, but we actually had a good time. I guess it would be classified more as a mist than a rain anyway, but it just wasn't what I was hoping to see that morning.

I had hoped to do a virtual 5k for the Liz Logelin Foundation that I signed up for and got my tshirt in the mail (which I had planned on wearing while running and having bf take a few photos). But the rain, and a sore knee deterred me from doing just that. Cleaning the house and getting tailgating supplies gathered was more in line with a rainy Saturday morning.

Once we arrived to our parking spot I popped open the bubbly (accidentally hitting boyfriend in neck with cork-oops!) and added some OJ for my morning beverage of choice. Man opened a beer and we waited for a few friends to show up. Then it was grilling time...TJ's Parmesan basil turkey burgers w/ cheddar, tomatoes, lettuce and all the fixings. Yum yum!

Looking around at the tailgates nearby we thought geez, these people must have spent $200 on tailgating. We need to step it up. Our chips/salsa, burgers and beer weren't necessarily deluxe. Next time we agreed we needed to invite a few more people ahead of time and coordinate more festive foodage.

The light rain continued to fall throughout the first half, but stopped by half time. And our Duckies pulled out the win after lots of interceptions, fumbles and other interesting plays. After the game, I dragged the man to a family bbq and gpa's 82nd bday celebration where he met over 30 relatives. Whew! We were tired, but he was a good sport about meeting all these new people after a long day of football.

On the docket for Sunday, was 9 miles of running after homemade french toast topped with raspberries. I kept it at about an 8:30 pace for nine miles straight with the ipod carrying me along. Weather was good, but chilly and overcast. First time I've run with my spandex capris AND a long sleeve tech shirt over a short sleeve in a LONG time. Oh fall, welcome back.

This week, man friend is off to a conference so I'm on my own for the evenings, which means lots of working out, reading and easy healthy dinners (and gasp, some may not even require a stove or meat!). I may even meet up with a few girlfriends for dinner or wine. Does your routine change when your significant other is out of town? What do you look forward to the most?


Holy moly, you were bustling on that run!

Sounds like a fun weekend, being from Canada I've never participated in this whole "tailgating" experience. But after reading several blog posts about it it looks like so much fun!!
this reminded me that I signed up for a virtual race too! ha, crap, gotta keep track of this stuff....

enjoy the downtime over there! wine with gals is Always a good idea in my opinion ;)

glad the Ducks pulled through!

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