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You know what I hate? I hate the word "diet." It's just so annoying. Don't get me wrong, I like it when people use it in the context of "I eat a diet of mostly veggies with lean proteins and try to limit red meat." But I don't like it when people use it like it's their death sentence.

Two of my coworkers are always on "diets." In fact, when asked by another coworker if one of us could attend the banquet location for an upcoming event to test the menu selections, my coworker said "I better not. I'm on a diet." WHAT? Sure, sign me up! I'm all there. So, because she's on a diet...I'm going.

Fine with me. It's not like we're eating plates full of T-bone steaks with mashed potatoes and gravy. I'll be testing the salad options, a few meat selections and dessert. I'm thinking bites of these, NOT plates.

I think having a healthy, balanced diet means that small portions of things you shouldn't eat regularly are okay, as long as the majority of what you eat is seriously nutritious for your body. And I'm not above believing that food can TASTE GOOD and still be GOOD FOR YOU. After all, living and enjoying the food we eat is an adventure.

I think being on a "diet" can really harm us mentally. It's up to us to make good decisions about our diets and what we put into our mouths to fuel these bods. What's your take on "diets?" Have you tried one? Was it successful?

I've never gone on a "diet" (Atkins, low carb, no sugar, Jenny Craig, etc), but I have gone through periods where I chose to limit carbs (no more than 1 piece of bread daily) or not eat sweets, but I wasn't denying myself things I really wanted. My coworkers who are often on "diets" and are truly regular looking women (probably sizes 6 and 8!) also use the word "fat" in reference to their own bodies. I think we need to be careful in how we use these words when talking to ourselves and each other because it just leaves a yucky taste in my mouth. How many young girls will/are/have been affected by influential women in their lives who believe they are "fat" and need to go on a "diet?"

If you are currently using the word "fat" or always attempting a "diet," I challenge you to get creative and avoid those two words for a while. Just see if you can shift your thinking. What is it that you really want your body to achieve? What areas are you looking to tone? Let's think happy thoughts, people!


I don't say DIET, I say LIFESTYLE CHANGES -- when my eating has gotten bad and I've gained 5 pounds, I say I need to get my eating habits under control again, not go on a diet and lose a weight, because that implies to me that once I've lost the weight I will go "off" the "diet".

I completely agree that everything in moderation!

Another thing that I feel that I HAVE to do to keep my eating in check is record all my food. I'm not obsessive about it and if I'm over by 100 calories one day it's NOT the end of the world, but recording my food helps me keep my eating in check and that IS healthy and balanced!

Great post!
Sass, if only we had more people like you around! It's a constant battle, trying to shift someone's point of view and how they look at foods. What I've learned is that SO many people choose foods because of what they DON'T have (i.e. Fat FREE, LOW Sugar, etc you know what I mean)....instead of choosing foods for what they DO have (i.e. fruit has nutrients! bread has healthy Carbs.....etc, ya know). If I could get people to just flip that One switch, it would make such a difference.

Obviously there are other issues at hand and it varies with each individuals (keeps my days interesting ;)), and it really is all about the Lifestyle as a whole. But, it starts somewhere - and you're very right, using the term "diet" in that sense doesn't help at all.
Yep, I hate the word diet because it means it's something 'temporary' - because it really isn't possible to always be on a diet. It's just not sustainable. I use "lifestyle change" like Amber said.

I have tried to go on 'diets' when I was younger (and dumber) though, and surprise surprise, they didn't work.
Tess said…
Hear hear!
In that same vein, I hate when people say "I've been bad" with regards to food. Food doesn't make you bad! Look up the definition of bad in the dictionary! Usually when anyone says that they're talking about one cookie or something. Silliness.

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