switching it up

I'm the first to admit I'm a girl of habit. I like plans and regular routines. But last night was a good example of why switching it up is probably going to be the name of the game this fall/winter. Last night after riding my bike home from work (because it's still warm and dry enough to do that), the man and I took a 10 min jog for his training for cyclocross season.

What is cyclocross you ask? Well, it's the opportunity to get muddy and ride/run/jump over obstacles on a muddy track. For spectators, it's the chance to bundle up in your oldest jeans, some cute welly boots, a beanie and fleece to ring a cowbell at these crazy people. For more of an in depth explanation on cyclocross, read this article.

Anywho, after a bit of jogging, I reheated leftovers and made chicken taco salads for dinner and hopped into the shower. We were headed off to the ballpark to enjoy a night of minor league baseball. It was one of those things that had been on our summer list and I'm actually amazed we fit it in. In true fashion, immediately after finding our seats, the man found a pint of Bud Light, a hot dog, and a bag of peanuts. After about seven innings we were ready to head out in search of another beer at a local establishment.

I have a hard time with this. See, some people say "Beer? SURE!" I say "Um, beer? That wasn't on my schedule and I already had a bowl of ice cream. No thanks." But beer we did. We ended up at a spot downtown with tv's and saddled up to the bar. We each ordered a pint and then caved for the spinach artichoke dip, which was pretty freaking good. And after an impromptu bar stop, I felt like it was Friday night, but thankfully headed home to get some decent shut eye.

The man and I agreed when chatting about doing more impromptu evenings in the future that it was ok for me to ditch my plan once in a while since he's working to become more of a planner. I'm not sure I can work on being more spontaneous (bc it makes my chest tighten when I'm not following a plan/list), but here's to being more opportunistic and open to the idea of impromptu evenings. And, if my decision for the evening is based on calories, I suppose I could allow myself a beer or two and commit to running a few extra miles the next am.

Are you a planner or Miss/Ms/Mrs/Mr Spontaneity? How do you deal with trying to be the opposite of what your head tells you to be/do? I'm taking deep breaths, fyi. Truth is, I know that letting loose a bit more is a good thing, it's just not always easy.

And holy heck, how is it only WEDNESDAY? I've been so busy at work I could swear it should be Friday. Oh well, tomorrow is Thursday and you know what that means...it might as well be Friday!


NySoonerGirl said…
I've been quietly lurking for a while now, and I'm finally commenting to say I have the same reaction to an impromptu beer! For me though it stems more from the issue that beer isn't actually enjoyable to me so I just sit there and think about how I'm "wasting" calories and I'm not even enjoying it. Now that I've finally gotten around to commenting, nice blog! Keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
I have BECOME "ms. spontenaity" (sp?!) since living in the city - and I love it. I don't venture out EVERY night - but most nights? yes. Because it's accesible (hello Metro/walking/bus!) and I love that I no longer have homework looming over me. I've met a lot of ppl this way - I've noticed that city ppl have a much more "open door" attitude- mixing friend groups, etc. :) uh anyway, I could ramble forever.

I think your night at the baseball game/bar/etc sounds like fun!
Sassy Molassy said…
NYSoonerGirl-thanks for delurking! I noticed your link via my google analytics and wondered when you might say hi! And yes, it's hard for me not to feel like I'm spending extra calories I haven't "earned".

Trials-yes, big cities definitely afford those opportunities a bit more and sounds like a great way to meet new people. It is tough to mix friend groups. Interesting that you've noticed people seeming more able to do it in a big city!

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