Rested and rejuvenated!

It's official, I checked a bunch of things off that relaxation list! It's amazing how adding just one more day to the weekend makes it feel like you practically had a vacation! I love it. Saturday and Sunday were rainy, but Monday, oh Monday was beautiful.

  • Long trail run with one of my girls - Check!
  • a movie - (Ugly Truth or Julie & Julia) Didn't go to a movie, but did rent Sunshine Cleaning and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Recommend Sunshine Cleaning but not Shopaholic!
  • cooking an asian feast from scratch (i'm thinking shrimp fried rice or phad thai)- Made this shrimp fried rice for dinner, but wasn't impressed by the bland flavoring.
  • wine - Picked up a few bottles of red from Trader Joe's!
  • watching the man's cyclocross race(s) Sure did!
  • moonlight hike - Didn't have the chance
  • reading - Finished Water for Elephants on the back porch with a glass of red and busted open my new Glamour!
  • yoga - Yep! Did two Biggest Loser workouts and a yoga session.

Saturday's run was wet I'm telling you. Wet and tough! I had it in my mind to do something crazy like 10 miles, but once we got going I was telling K we needed to stop about every seven minutes or so. I think we ended up running about 7-8 miles though. A few things I noticed: my legs weren't fully recovered from Hood to Coast AND hills are a beast. But running trails amidst the forest was awesome. And stopping for coffee and a sticky bun afterward made all that mud and pain worth it.

Sunday, after doing a 45 min Biggest Loser workout I headed out with the group for a nice seven miles, which I was surprised with after doing the hills on Saturday. The stomach wasn't feeling so hot afterward so I managed to do some errands and watch Confessions of a Shopaholic, which I was pretty disappointed with. Just too pathetic in my mind. The book however, a fun read! Sun night was the night of the shrimp fried rice. Fun to prepare, but just not the party in my mouth I was hoping for. The man friend enjoyed leftovers more so last night however.

Monday was beeeeautiful. I ran about 3.5 easy miles in the am and did a 30 min Biggest Loser session before heading to the man's third cyclocross race of the weekend. I'm telling you, this stuff is crazy. There are few spectators in this sport, and being the first weekend of races, I was one of the lone ones out on the course. So, I managed to snap a few photos of me, nature and my book (I had to read to occupy myself during the ten minutes it would take them to get around the long course).

To give you a sense of what they do...notice the bikes being thrown over the shoulder here, while running up the hill. UGH!

And then there are barriers they have to jump over (with bike on shoulder)...

Anyone else reading Water for Elephants?

Well, after all the picture taking fun and a nice walk around the course, the man and I headed home. He needed a nap after the race and I packed a little snack pack for our trip to the park. In it was: mini caprese salad, TJ's corn chips, TJ's papaya/mango salsa, water, a beer for the man, a few mags and a game. We headed to a nice big park along the river and enjoyed the sun. The man even said we should do it more often. Luckily, I see a few more sunny weekends in our future before Fall is here to stay!

After the park, we came home and I got ready for the Monday night run. Yes, that's two runs in one day. As I was leaving, the man said "hey, I want to come." So come he did. His long legs pushed me all 5 miles. I wanted to stop and walk several times, but didn't. Needless to say, I'm happy for a 8.5 mile day! Hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend! And cheers to short work week! My mom is a second grade teacher and today is her first day of class with her new kids. Have a great day, Mom and all you teachers out there!


Well that is a LOT of miles in one weekend Sass!! The bike thing? that's. just. crazy.

Sunshine cleaning is on my Netflix. Can't wait to see it :)
You logged tons of miles this weekend! Good for you!!
healthy ashley said…
Your pictures are just adorable! Nice job getting all the relaxation in... I love how running is on your list!
Laura said…
I know you opted for fried rice, but do you have a good pad thai recipe? I'd love to learn!

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